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Working a Code......on a fellow EMT



So I sure have had a lot of learning experiences so far as a Medic. I had a status epilepticus that had been seizing for 40 minutes, STEMI, MVCs, and the most memorable so far, running my first code as a medic. We were called actually for an intercept for report of a "person down". We make intercept and the EMTs are just hysterical. We literally have to make them stop yelling and shouting at the patient as they are doing CPR. Come to find out it was a fellow EMT. I actually did well at focusing on the task at hand, running the code. After butting heads with the other medic (He wanted to use new ACLS standards and I have not been taught them so I wanted to run the old ones), we made it to the hospital. We ran the code for a little bit longer before calling the time of death. That was when I got a really good look at the patient. It suddenly hit me that the patient was a co-worker. I am trying to be the one that maintains my composure at this point because the EMTs were really upset and the family was just devastated. So I get everything cleaned up and ready to go for the next call. Well once things calmed down I went and apologized to the EMTs for yelling at them (but they needed to calm down) and it kind of hit me that I worked with this person. They were healthy and no medical history. SO long story short I have been working my way through all that. I am not letting it bring me down though. We had the debriefing and I know that I did all that I could do. Still was a tough call to deal with.

Other than that things are going well. I have officially been named "shit magnet". My co-workers just make me laugh. They enjoy picking on me and torturing me with this creepy plastic hand. Thats just part of working in this job though. You are going to get picked on....a lot!!!

Well I suppose I better get some work done. I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and kicking. Things are going great and I am learning a lot!! I am starting to get more comfortable in my skills slowly. :

Until next blog,


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