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It's fundraising time of the year

Just Plain Ruff


ok, so my son is in cubscouts. He wants the scholarship but the only way to meet his goal which the scholarship is 2500.00 in popcorn sales, is to hit up everyone of our friends, neighbors, relatives and whoever else he want's to sell to.

I find that a pain in the butt because people seem to feel like they can't say no. I've said no enough but only because money is so tight.

I put this here because I'm offereing online popcorn ordering but only if you agree to have an email sent to you with the popcorn sale link.

If you want a popcorn item or want to purchase popcorn to support my son and his cub scout pack, please email me at ruffems@gmail.com

I will send you a link to my son's popcorn ordering page and you can order online and have it shipped directly to you.

No pressure. Just voluntary if you want to get some pretty dang good popcorn if I do say so myself.

if you would consider purchasing popcorn to send to the troops overseas, you can choose the two Military popcorn options, 50.00 and 35.00 Both of these items gets popcorn in that amount sent to the military serving overseas as well as domestically.

Thanks for listening and reading.


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