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things just sometimes don't go the way planned

Just Plain Ruff


Ok, this is a rant. Left Tallahassee florida today with what I thought was at least 400 dollars in the account.

Drive to Ocala florida and stop to get something to eat and a bit of cash out of the ATM. The ATM kept disconnecting and I did get my food.

I then made it about 50 miles down the road and found a small convenience story, Love's if anyone knows them.

Tried to take out cash, said insufficient funds. Turns out the bank was 800+ overdrawn.

Called the wife to have her check the account and it turns out Avis had put a hold on my account for my rental I was driving for 432.00 and they charged me again the same amount 3 minutes later. So I'm now having over 800 dollars being held by AVis.

I was able to make it to Orlando with the gas I had, I then filled up (yes I was able to do that) and I got some food.

I try to check into the hotel now in Orlando and they say the card was declined so I had to go set up a rewards stay to be able to stay here in the hotel.

I called Avis, they said that they only charged me once. I said differently. They say nope they charged it only once.

I now have to argue with Avis tomorrow morning to get the hold reversed.

I'm tired, frustrated and mainly pissed.

That is all.

On a positive note, the night manager gave me a beer.

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I have had that happen...if you use a debit card for the rental car, they put a hold on the account + charging you for the car, the hold comes off a few days after you return the car. I didn't know it either and they put a $1400 hold on my account total.

Good luck getting it all sorted, Avis should have told you about the hold though.

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