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Lone Star


Welcome back Dear Readers!

I know it's been a while since your last glimpse into The Cluttered Mind of Lone Star, so I'll do my best to pull back the curtain, and catch y'all up on the latest developments...

A bunch of y'all know that I'm currently in Paramedic Class. We recently finished up the first quarter of the year (we're still on the 'quarter system', but moving into the 'semester system' this fall). I was told by my instructor that I scored an 88% on the written test and that I'd finished up the quarter with a 4.0 GPA. When I checked my transcripts, I saw that I only finished up with a 3.25 GPA. Naturally, I'm going to be having a chat with the instructor!

If this is in fact, my final grade for the quarter; it's blown my plans to graduate with honors, as I wasn't able to maintain a 3.5 or better throughout the program...(insert heavy sigh here).

On to other things:

Some of y'all know that I got wiped out in a motorcyle wreck back in November of 2009. I'm glad to say that I've finally gotten the whole insurance/legal mess worked out and reached a settlement with the insurance company. Wasn't exactly what I consider 'fair', but it's better than a swift kick in the 'nads....

First order of business was to re-establish 'primary transportation', which I did by getting into a 2000 Ford F150:


I've also found a way to terrorize the nephew's kid:

I also made arrangements to get into the Motorcycle Safety Foundations "Basic Rider's Course" to see if I still had the nerve to get back on a motorcycle. The reasoning for this is:

1. It's a 'closed environment', so I don't have to worry about getting run over right off the bat, and

2. It gives me a chance to go over the 'basics', that I was never taught when I started riding...

I went through the class on 09 JUN 2011, and it was sponsored by one of the local Harley-Davidson dealerships. I went into the class not saying a thing about having ridden before, but after we got divided into two 'teams', I was 'outed' by a couple of my team mates, simply because they thought I "looked like a biker".

Sunday, 12 JUN 2011 was the 'finals' of the course. I scored 100% on the written and a big fat ZERO on the range (range scores are a lot like golf scores, the lower the better you're doing)! At our 'graduation', we each got our course completion certificate, a 'pass' for the DMV (I don't have to do either the written test OR the road test) and a card that might get me a break on insurance.

We were also given a 'fun certificate' based on our performance throughout the course. The instructors normally draw names and then try to assign a 'title', based on the students performance; but in our class, they decided to just sit back and watch us and then decide based on how we did. One got a 'Bad Braker' certificate, one woman got named 'Best Posture on a Motorcycle'...you see how this is going....

I ended up being voted "Most Likely To Accelerate", because I was constantly being told to slow down. The instructors told us that certan exercises had to be performed in second gear, and I just kept the speeds up in order to not lug the engine and beat it up unnecessarilly...

The final outcome was that I not only had the nerve to get back on a motorcycle, I got my "M" endorsement and learned a few things along the way.



This brings us to today...

I got up early, intending to go to the DMV so that I could get the licensing all taken care of. I got out the trimmer to trim up the goatee and moustache, but failed to check the setting on the guide......you can already see where this is going, can't you Dear Reader?

Yeah, somehow it got set to a lower setting than I normally use, and ended up trimming a LOT more than I intened to! I now look like a long haired 12 year old with grey whiskers.....


This is the closest you'll ever see me without facial hair! I was planning on going out tonight, but I may decide against it simply because I don't want to have to deal with the whole "Are you old enough to be in here?" bullshit :rolleyes::angry::wtf2::bonk::wtf:

Until next time, Dear Readers...remember to smile....it makes people wonder what the hell you've been up to!


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Aww lone I have to say you look awsome on the bike, and that 12 year old look works for ya.

Congradulations on all that you have accomplished in the past little while.

have an awsome time "chatting" :argue: with the instructors.

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