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College Life

Lone Star


Well, I have it completely figured out!

I caught up with my college algebra professor the other day and informed him that I'm filing a lawsuit against the college and that the math department and every instructor I've had since starting college has been personally named in the suit.

The smile fell from his face as the color drained into his loafers, and he stammered 'Wh-why are you f-f-filing a l-l-lawsuit?"

I informed him that because of the algebra courses I've had to take in order to meet the math requirements for my degree, I've developed arithmophobia (a fear of numbers); and since I've only developed this phobia since I started college, that it wasn't difficult to pinpoint the cause of this 'life altering phobia'.

I wish I'd had a camera at that point!

Today, I have to attempt at registering for classes for next quarter (again). I tried on Monday, but there were major snags and snafus for every class I needed, (so much for computers making life easier!). Ended up having to go back to my Academic Advisor and asking him to let them know that I've either already met the prerequisites or am currently enrolled in prerequisite classes; (I've long complained about having to register for classes that are dependant on passing the classes I'm currently in).

While determining that I either meet or am in the process of meeting the prerequisite class requirements, I've established (according to the program requirements and 'points' for each class) that I should exceed the program requirements by at least 10 credit hours. By the information in the course catalogue and the program description, I need 104 credit hours and by the same criteria, I will have 114 credit hours (if I take no more 'elective courses' during my time at the college). My Academic Advisor says there's an error in that criteria (he says the college has 'overvalued' the credit hours on one of my classes). Looks like a trip to Student Affairs is next on the list!

Even if they reduce the 'point value' on the one class, I'll still have enough points to graduate in July 2012, providing I don't fail out of the program!

The only other 'big concern' that might affect this date is that the college is switching from the 'quarter system (4 ten week sessions) to the 'semester system (two 16 week sessions). I have to attend a meeting today with the committee that was established to oversee the transition....

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Fun with college. I like the way you put a scare into your college professor. LOL

Years ago, after I got my BA, I went back to school on my own, taking a few classes that interested me. (Mostly nonscience classes like accounting and computers.) It was fun not worrying about scheduling conflicts- just working the classes around my work schedule was no big deal. At the time I was still single and had nobody to answer to. Then after I got married and had kids, when I was in grad school, I was able to similarly adapt my schedule to fit my family obligations. I know it can be a challenge.

My wife works in a university and she tells me of horror stories trying to schedule kids who are trying to finish school early, trying to make a round peg fit in a square hole. She says too many kids- especially the ones right out of high school- have unrealistic expectations of what college life should be like. The adult learners are generally more motivated and focused.

Good luck, LS.

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