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RIP to the best pt ever



I dont normally dwell on the death of my pts but in this case I just have to say RIP Phylis.

She was a remarkable pt. She never once complained about her treatments and when ever I had to deal with her she always had a smile and a thank-you in the end. You know you have the best pt in the world when you go into visit and the nurses are huddled together with straws to see who was going to get her that shift.

This lady always had a sense of humor no matter what was going on. She coined the new medical condition of "Tit Lash" and for those who are trying to figure that out it goes like this. Phylis what do you think the pain is in your chest? She states she has Tit Lash. Ok Phylis can you explain that to me. Well you know my daughter Laura drives way to fast and I was in the car with her one day, we were going around the corner so fast that my body went left and my tits went right. Now you have to undstand that this comming out of the mouth of a 73 yr old woman is very unexpected. I couldn't stop laughing with her, I had tears down my face and I had to put my glasses on top of my head. Minutes later as Im trying to compose myself I started to look for my glasses. Phylis asks what I'm looking for and I replied my glasses. She's says come here, so I do and she gently takes them off of my head and hands them to me saying "dont worry dear we all loose our glasses there" I now have an idiot string on my glasses.

Phylis passed away peacefully from lung ca on wed with her 8 children, and multiple grand and great grand children


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