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Pissed off at the bar b que joint

Just Plain Ruff


ok, I love barbeque. I love it. Can never have too much barbeque if it's done right.

I went to Sonny's bbq today during lunch. All was superb except the mild sauce, not my taste preference. The sauce just didn't tickle my taste buds.

What happened after lunch is what pissed me off.

I put 10.00 for a 7.82 meal. I tip good if the service is good.

I walk out, get in my car and the waiter runs out to my car saying I hadn't paid.

I told him I had and that I left a 10.00 bill on the tray with the receipt.

He said I didn't and asked me to come back inside.

I did. I showed him where I put the money and the tray was empty.

I argued the point that I had paid. The manager disputed it.

I said I'm not going to put any more money down. I said that either the waiter wasn't honest which I believe him to be honest or one of the scum sucking patrons that sat in the next booth took the money.

I said this loud enough for those aholes to hear me and none of them spoke up. I used that as evidence that one of them had taken it plus they were laughing.

I told the manager to call the cops as the 10 dollar bill had a specific marking on it.

The police arrive, the management would not allow any of the patrons near the table I sat at leave the restaurant.

Well needless to say, one of those dumbtards fessed up that his friend took the money. The officer did a frisk of the offending dumbtard and guess what - he got arrested for theft.

Now I have a court date in 6 weeks or whatever to be a witness. There's no guarantee that I will still be in this city or will be in another city at a different client.

The restaurant did give me the meal for free. I got my money back. I did give the waiter 3 in a tip.

for it wasn't his fault this happened.

Kudos for the local police to take this seriously, kudos for the restaurant manager for being a standup guy.

Screw you to the shithead who tried to make off with an extra 10 bucks.

Even though I don't like the sauce, I'm returning to that restaurant and using a credit card next time.


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Glad you stood your ground. To many would have just paid again rather than deal with the hassle. Glad they nailed the jerk. Personally I no longer leave the money with the ticket because so many people like that exist. I hand it direct to the waiter rather than risk it.

Sorry the BBQ wasn't even that good but what do you expect you weren't in Texas where the only real BBQ exists.

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I am glad that there was proof on the bill. RIght now I wait tables and we not only have to watch the bussers but other co-workers from stealing tips off of other peoples tables. It is sad, but it happens more often than one might think.

and spenac.. real bbq exsists in Oklahoma trust me :)

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I have never had this happen, but it does make me worry when I leave a tip and leave the table if the waiter/waitress will get the tip. I have ate in places that while I was paying, I noticed the manager/owner clean the table and look through the tip money. I'm not sure if that is to see how well the employee is doing, or to see how much he will have to pay to meet the minimum wage requirments for wait staff.

No kidding I ate in a Ryan's restaurant a few months ago, a manager was on break having his meal, a waiter had brought him at least one drink refill and the manager had refilled his own a few times. He did leave some dishes on the table when he went back to work, but I also saw had left a tip. I was impressed, a manager that cares enough about his employees to make sure he helps contribute to their income.

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This is one reason that I make sure that if I'm not going to stand in line at the cash register, I hand the bill/payment/tip directly to my server.

I've seen too many times where the tips have been swiped by those of less than virtuous moral character.

I'm pretty sure that if I were in your boots Ruffles, I would have planted them just as you did (especially if I could identify the missing funds).

How did things sift out with Avis?

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