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Observations from the crapper

Just Plain Ruff


I have been doing some reflecting and thinking and if bathroom talk offends you then stop reading.

There is this one bathroom near the office that I work in in Lakeland Florida

It's a relatively busy office and hallway.

It's the only bathroom in the entire hallway and nearby area.

Why can I go to the bathroom and go pee every single time and nobody will come into the bathroom while I'm peeing. But when I'm trying to take a crap in private because nobody likes to hear someone in a public bathroom farting or making disgusting noises when the poop comes out. Why when I'm taking a crap does this bathroom suddenly become grand central station?

Take yesterday for example, Being a diabetic I go pee a lot what with the medications I take and then the amount of fluids (soda and water) I take in makes me go pee a lot. I pee'd over 10 times yesterday and not once did anyone come in the bathroom.

Well Metformin makes my stools quite loose sometimes and yesterday was just one of those days. Each time I went to go poop the freaking bathroom became a area of multiple arrivals. At one time there were 3 others waiting for the urinal and who knows who was waiting for the toilet. I don't understand it.

Does this mean anything in the grand scheme of things, nope but I can't help but wonder if there isn't a segment of society that has to go to the bathroom when they see me walk in the bathroom?


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Very true. Wonder if we could get a grant to study why it happens that way.

I'm doing a study right now on this. I think it's going to get me a grant.

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I've noticed that before, too. I've noticed, also, that the more people that are in there the louder/stinkier it'll get. You should see if there is, in fact, a correlation between the two.

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So ruffles the other day I got into some bad sushi...yeah yeah it was raw fish...anyrate I had to hit the head all of the sudden while I was in the grocery store...so I went and it was a upscale ralphs clean and everything so I landed and not more than thirty seconds this dude comes in and starts combing his hair and I swear .....he must a been in there for twenty minutes. So here I am with everything locked down tight....he finally starts out and I let it go some other poor sap walks in now mind you as soon as I am done not a soul comes in.....I was standing by the hallway to the head for several minutes trying to find some cheese or something and no one either sex went by....I dont understand it.....let me know the results of said study....

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