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Ok I don't know enough. Who knows more about this than I do?



So last night I had my second sleep study. Now I'm asking for help because I just don't know enough on this topic. Let me go ahead and spell some things out: I'm a 24 year old 200pound female. Most of that weight is in my legs. I'm athletic. I ride 6 miles everyday on bicycle, run around with my kids, run up and down the stairs at work on break because I like to, etc. I don't just sit around and eat. In fact I even pack my lunch so I don't go out to the closest fast food place. I'm not going to claim I'm an olimpian I'm far from that. Just saying I'm not a lazy slob.

Well got some results from the first sleep study I did.... Ya it was bad, In fact it was scary. It was a WTF?!? I had 30 episodes of sleep apnea an hour. Most of which were obstructive. Ok so ya it suddenly hit me that this, "unneeded cpap test" might be needed alittle more. When the place told me I had to go in again they made it sound like they were being over causous and I barely had any. I almost didn't go in again. Glad I went with the, "My insurance covers it 100% so might as well" style of thinking. Anyway I digress. My tech then tries to say that for some reason he doesn't know the computer is saying I owe a $1000 but not for taking the test. :: draw huge question mark over head now:: We're guessing it's why the corperate office tried to call me a second time on Friday but by the time I could call back they were gone and closed for the weekend. We're also guessing it would be to buy the mechine. That makes sinse right? Well because we're budget freaks we didn't pay up and I'm going to be bugging the corperate office on Monday.

Well I get home today and being the research person I am I'm trying to find out more about OSA and Cpap machines. (Any help in this would actually be nice. So I make sure I'm understanding what I'm reading. Like I said I'm a research person.) I even find the exact one I was hooked up to last night and the exact mask. The total with shipping: $608... Ok so we have almost $400 unaccountible dollars between those too prices... Um am I missing something?

Ok the rambling gypsy is done.


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If you can get the machine. My husband needs to get one, the tech said make sure you use it and get use to it because there will be a night you get a good night sleep and you will feel the differnce.

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Went thru all that myself. Went in because wife couldn't stand my snoring. Saw MD first who authorized the sleep study. However, the first one they just monitored my sleep pattern (one short period of apnea). They never put the CPAP on. Pissed me off, so went back to MD to get more results as now the idiots didn't see why I needed the study. I demanded that they do another study, this time with the CPAP. He agreed and authorized. When going back for the second study, they started with the cost factor and that since I had one done, insurance would not cover the second test. Needless to say, as a good little paramedic, I gave them the full medical version why it was authorized and approved, why it was being done, and why they were going to do it! After about 20 minutes of getting them flustered (cuz they didn't know CRAP from CPAP), they took me in the room. Had the CPAP on for 30 minutes prior to going to sleep. Started around 2230 and they woke me up at 0600. It was probably the best night of sleep I've had in 30 years. Since the test reveals deep sleep, no apnea, and NO SNORING, everything was granted to get the machine. Insurance would cover totally. I have no clue what they are doing with the missing 400 you have. Probably the techs buying donuts and eating them while they watch you sleep.

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Ok a bit of an update. ( I honestly didn't think anyone really read my blog hehe) What is going on is my insurance sucks. Now I don't mean like a $3 hooker sucks, oh no.. try a free one! lol. I have a $2000 durable machine deductible and no matter how much a machine costs they want to say it's $1000. Ok so that covers the "lost" $400. I decided that using my insurance is pointless ( we are really good with saving and we can pay that ammount in cash) and suddenly the company becomes as useful as a blow up sex doll.... actually less so. As least with the doll you get some enjoyment from it. Anyway I rant.

I go back to my doctor who replies to all of this with a, "Why are they being such useless sons of a #%$%?" He then gives me the phone number for the company he personally deals with for his own Cpap. Ok now why couldn't he done that before? You know like sooner when I called up to tell him I was having problems? :: sigh:: Doctors don't you love them?

So I call the new company and wow it's amazing! My out of pocket cost will be $675 and I have a respitory therapist that I get to meet on Saturday. It's shocking! They are doing what the other company was to be doing!

Anyway there's the update on the CPap stuff. I go back and read what I just typed and realize: I really need to stop reading Patrick Rothfuss's blog. lmao. Though this isn't as scarcastic as his is but isn't that far away. lmao

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