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Charlie Daniels and his thoughts on America



Marine Corps legend, Chesty Puller, when informed in the middle of a fierce ground battle that his troops were completely surrounded, said words to the effect of, ”Good, now we can shoot at the S.O.B.s in any direction”.

“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!” These are the words and deeds of brave men who stood for what they believed in even if it took their last drop of blood.

America has always won against far superior forces, simply because our people have always had the tenacity and the courage to spit in the face of an enemy’s overwhelming strength and never give an inch even when their backs were to the wall.

American history is full of accounts of bravery and valor that reaches far beyond the pale of any simple call to duty to a place of rarified air only visited by the bravest of the brave and the boldest of the bold.

How would you like to go to war with Eric Holder guarding your left flank and Janet Napolitano guarding your right?

How would you like to get in a bar fight with Harry Reid watching your back?

The schools in this country are teaching revisionist history to our children, belittling or even omitting American heroes and reducing morals to a gray area with no absolutes and even denying the omnipotence of the God who made the very earth they stand on, the ACLU standing by with bated breath, eager to sue at the mere mention of His name.

Part of the Supreme Court thinks the Constitution is only a list of suggestions, and from the looks of things that attitude will only worsen with the recent appointees.

Our President lies with impunity and criticizes an immigration bill he admits he hadn’t even read, while taking every opportunity to smear the country that was silly enough to elect him President.

Our Attorney General is more concerned with extending the rights of a full-fledged American citizen to a murdering scumbag Islamic terrorist than he is in seeing justice carried out. He also hasn’t read the immigration bill that he is criticizing and threatening to bring legal action against it.

Our Director of Homeland Security is seriously not up to the job and only the grace of God saved the lives of untold numbers of Americans in New York recently when an Islamic terrorist who had flown to Pakistan something like thirteen times without making the no fly list left a bomb on a busy Manhattan street and scampered to the airport where he almost escaped aboard an Arab airline. She is also criticizing the immigration bill that she hasn’t read.

That’s three of the most powerful people in the U.S.A. lying about and distorting legislation they admitted they haven’t even read. It’s insane.

Our Democrat-controlled Congress and Senate, realizing that they will probably not have a majority in both houses after November are feverishly cramming one catastrophic spending program after another down the throats of an Obama weary America.

There seems to be a pervasive attitude of “If ya can’t beat 'em join 'em” as state after state gets ready to legalize certain drugs and there are those who say that we just can’t do anything about our southern border.

I have one word for that, “baloney”.

We can do something about anything if we would only go about it the right way. We just simply don’t have enough real men in power who are willing to stand for something besides their next election and the political party they belong to.

They think no more about betraying America than they do of swatting a fly, a pitiful bunch of limp-wristed cowards who blow in the wind like a limp rag, lacking the guts or the integrity to pay the cost of doing the right thing for America.

Anybody with a mere semblance of a brain has to know that what Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats are doing can only have a bad ending, in fact, in my estimation, bad is a much too mild a word to describe what’s going to happen when Obama’s crippled chickens start coming home to roost.

And yet there is not one strong voice on Capitol Hill who is willing to risk the wrath of the media to say, ”Hey wait a minute, this President is ruining the economy of our country for generations to come if not forever!!!”

Not one has the gonads to stand up and shout, ”No you cannot grant citizenship to twelve million people who came into this country illegally just so the Democrats can stay in office for the next hundred years!!!

Whatever happened to the men who had the guts to stand for what is right, no matter how unpopular, no matter what the personal cost?

What ever happened to the American citizen who would stand up and say, ”Hell no, don’t even think about taking my guns away and I demand school vouchers for my children so they can learn what I think they should learn instead of that socialist crap the teacher’s unions are supporting. I’m tired of paying taxes and having my money given to support the socialistic laziness of a nation like Greece. I want to hear my President and his administration call an Islamic terrorist an Islamic terrorist and I want the ones we’ve caught tried in a military tribunal.”

It seems that America’s pioneer spirit has all but evaporated in the steamy morass of political correctness and compromise that is taking more backbone out of each succeeding generation.

I’m so sick of the empty suits and milksop scoundrels on both sides of the aisle in Washington and the state capitols.

America is looking for a few good men and women; spineless sellouts need not apply.

Wussies to the left of me, wimps to the right.

It’s sickening.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

I saw this on Charlie Daniels myspace page a little earlier and for those of you who arent really sure who Charlie is well he is a damn good american and a damn good musician. Anyway he has recently been publishing his thoughts on the political turmoil and in his words lack of patriotism going on in this country. The title of this blog was Wusses on the left of me and P****** on the right of me (censored if ya want the real title email me or pm me) anyway I have to say that I live in an area that is close to a Naval Base and well...most of my best friends are military and there parents were/are military and you know what those of us in America couldn't do have the shit that we do right now if it wasnt for the military. So my theory is that be you for it or against it you really should support this military of ours seeing as they are the ones who allow you to say what you say.

Now onto more parts of this blog post. I am a child who was just prior to the gray area of morals and the I grew up to "Remember the Alamo" and you know what I havent forgotten how it felt that day, and I will always remember where I was when the world stopped turning. It seems to me that some people have including our illustrious Commander in Chief.(more on that in a second). I remember the 343 that died that day and they were american heroes. I remember that first hand. I remember learning about JFK. I remember reading about the great things that FDR did including mobilizing a country for war. I remember reading about the decision that Harry Truman had to make as to wether the Atomic bomb should be used or not used. What would have happened if he had decided to not use it how would the war have changed? These are indeed heroes of our country and yet there are more before the days of Davy Crockett before the days of Abraham Lincoln. American history is littered with great decision makers. Now I will probably be called a racist for this but I am gonna bring this up anyway....not to mention this a slightly hot topic. If we have a crisis the likes of these that I have just mentioned how is Barack Obama going to cope with it, I mean with all due respect to him he is a commander in chief who has never even been in the military let alone commanded anyone. Can he handle the stresses of sending people off to war or are we going to just cower in fear. With people like Nancy Pelosi giving POTUS his marching orders I fear we may or even worse we may even bow down to them. I mean after all Obama has already bowed down and kissed the queens hand.

Anyway this is just the beginning of this series I need ot go to bed it will be continued in the days to come.....



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Let's hear it for Charlie Daniels! Thanks for posting this, Tyler. I'll wait till the series is finished to comment further. This is one of those things that I can go on a tangent for hours over.

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BRAVO!!! Thanks Tyler and Charlie. I agree that we have become a nation of P***** and are more concerned with not making someone cry or feel uncomfortable then being right.

As far as the Day The World Stood Still. I was there, I witnessed first hand the destruction, I lost close friends that day, I stood on the smoldering rubble looking for life only to find pieces of it. The one thing I vividly remember of that day that it seems folks forget... we were all the same color that day, ash grey. No creed, no color, no religon just ash grey Americans.

As jeepluv said, I will wait for more intead of going on a tangent.

Again Thank You Tyler and your family and friends for making this the country what it is. Thank You Very Much

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Props to Charlie Daniels for keeping it real. Props to you for posting this, my friend. I agree with UGLyEMT. We, as Americans, need to pull our collective heads out of our a**es and stop being "a nation of P****** ".

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