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Stupidity Reigns Supreme 5/6

Lone Star


Since my first 'installment' on this topic, I've seen complaints that it was 'too long' to read, so I decided to break it down into smaller bites.

Here's what Mr. Cathcart has to say:

We can jaw about the Administration's new, tax-laden Brahma-bull health- care snort ‘til the cows come home, appropriate since, if the feds force themselves further into our private medical system, it'll be called "Cattle-Care," since that's the corral we're headed for, as fewer remaining doctors face a greatly-increased herd. 2/3rds of the public wants these power-grab efforts dumped, and the insurance and cost-reduction plans started anew. The fact that government-by-the-people has been dumped instead, tells you all you need to know about the true intensions of D.C.'s monarchy. As for grid-lock, Representative Barney Frank recently bemoaned Congressional partisanship, by which Barney means failure to enact the lib's anti-America plans. As for who's causing his blockage, time for Mr. Barney and fellow lefties to look in the mirror.

Also unhappy, but taking action, instead of whining, moderate Democrat, Senator Evan Bayh, feels if, in retirement, he could help create even one new private-sector job, (quote) that "would be one more than Congress has created in the last six-months." So much, then, for the gotta-have 800-hundred-billion-plus job "stimulus" scam, that no-one voting, read before passage, because, like the current effort, it was quickly rammed-through, eliminating scrutiny and what's best for our nation. Worse, we now know that, deceitfully-inserted within those hundreds of un-read pages, was funding to pre-launch the fed's take-over of our medical system, well ahead of legislation. Fraudulently "selling" a massive, treasury-busting outlay as a private-sector jobs-stimulus bill, used instead to "stimulate" only government jobs, reward supporters, and knowingly hide plans and dollars to jump-start the left's intended health-care coup. No doubt stimulated, as well, were the egos and leg-shivers of those who gleefully-rule in the land they dislike, amidst the citizens they view as dumb.

Last Friday, the Senate's top loon, Prince Harry, actually said the following: "It's a great day for America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good." First of all, that's February's total job loss, not one day, and, secondly, for the "only" 36,000 who lost their jobs last month, there's nothing "really good" about it. What elitist stupidity. Unemployment remains at 9.7%, but almost 17% including those who've stopped looking. So is America's Supreme Soviet making major consumer and employer tax-cuts to spur job growth? Heck no! The top Comrade and his dancing-eunuchs are too busy trying to jam an unwanted, unneeded, unaffordable, socialist take-over of our medical system down our throats, when it should, instead, be crammed up their anatomical cul-de-sac. Meanwhile, over at the nation's so-called Justice Department, Iowa Senator Grassley has pierced the stone-walling, forcing the revelation that "at least" 9 appointees, there, had previously defended terrorist detainees. Pro-America justice remains in question.

Meanwhile, the nation's oldest death-row inmate has died at age 94. This degenerate shot a police officer in 1947, and later went on to kill twice. 57-years in prison, the last 27 on death-row. With endless appeals, he died of natural causes, not from the fritter-cookin' chair-ride he deserved. Another bleeding-heart great example of pampering murderers, while ignoring the permanent pain of victims and families. Now, for those who hadn't heard, the inventor of the Frisbee also passed away last month. How sadly ironic that, out of all this unrelenting stupidity, surging over us like a brown-water tsunami, it's the Frisbee that makes the most sense.


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