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A moment of true awsomeness



Is awsomeness a word? I'm not sure. If it isn't it should be! Yesterday I had a moment of pure awsomeness. I gave a woman hope, excitement, and a feeling of beauty that she said she had lacked for a few years. ( How sad it that?) Yesterday the garb I wearing for work exposed my tattoo on my back. Now my dancer has been with me for so long I forget about her. She's just there dancing away covering a scar from a mole removal that went bad. Part of the tattoo is a veil that the dancer is letting go and it looks like it's fluttering to the floor. Well the "flutting" is really the scar tissue. The unevenness of the skin works perfectly for the effect. Short of me telling you or feeling it you would never know that wasn't just really good shading.

Well the woman noticed my tattoo and commented about how she loves them but because of excessive ammounts of scars she didn't think she could have them. To which I smiled and told her to touch the veil. She did to which started squeels of joy. She recognized the feel of scar tissue and realized my tattoo was a cover up. She has now gone from a young woman that would cover herself in order to hide her scars because she is depressed and embaressed by them; to a woman that is planning a tattoo that will incorperate them into something beautiful to show off.

Like I said: I had a moment of pure awsomeness! :D


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I have never understood "tatts"...mostly because my dad would often say that he regretted his. I have an uncle who even went so far as to have his removed.

But your story makes sense; the aility to turn something bad in to beautiful...I now get it. (Please don't take offense to the word 'bad' - I've been struggling for an appropriate word, but to no avail.)

Thank you for sharing your story.

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Many do end up regretting their tattoos. I spent years on my design looking for something that ment alot to me. Something that even as I grow and change it would always be a part of me. For me belly dancing has helped me in so many ways.

I spent 10 years hiding my back. We're talking one piece bathing suits, unitards/make up when I dance, veil wraps, etc all to prevent people from seeing the scar. So I truely understand her pain. It's hard to hide a part of your body. My scar is only 1inch by a half an inch and it was a task to keep it covered. When I got my tattoo I started to feel more confident in myself and started to slowly change my wardrobe. I've gone from baggy shirts to ones that are actually my size lol. I would get them big so I would have the length so that if I bent over you couldn't see it.

I have never regetted my tattoo and I am planning a second one. Again one that has altra special meaning to me. Below is a picture we took of my tattoo right after getting it a few years ago. The word ouch will forever come to mind lmao.


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I have 3 of them and I just did it because. The one i really luv is the three roses. Each rose has a heart shape peddle with my boys initals in them. The tattoos from long ago (my dad had a few from the navy)are not the same quality they are today. Most people like gypsy and I have them on areas that can be easily hidden if needed. My Husband has one on his forarm as a memorial to his late brother (its a Haida Eagle) my youngest son has 2 and is getting another one and again they are in places that are easily hidden if need be.

I think they can bring alot of confidence in a person and with the art that is comming out of tattoo parlors these days they can be amazing. Now I really dont understand people that do them from head to toe or in areas that on your mother and spouse should see but to each their own.

Good job gypsy

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I have three, and if you didn't see me with my hair up or half naked you would never know I had them. Each one represents a time in my life where an event happened that had a profound affect on my life. My back piece is for my grandfather who taught me so much and gave me so much. My ankle is a reminder of loyalty and faithfulness to friends. And my most recent tattoo is a reminder of the strength my mom gave me when I was in great need.

I also have my share of scars. Three on my left arm, one from my back down my upper arm, one down the front of my shoulder, and one around my elbow, and then also one across my right shoulder. These are my reminders of who I am, and what condition I carry with me everyday. They are painful to look at and I cover them up so I don't have to answer questions about them. But they also remind me that I have survived so much.

I am really glad you were able to reach someone through your tattoo gypsy... that must have been a very special moment for you.


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Gypsy, that posting sounds like the story of the diamond cutter who turned the flaw in an otherwise perfect stone into the stem of a flower carved into the stone.

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