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A few thoughts on life...



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Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a mental illness? We often look at people with them and just brush them off as crazy and nuts, but never take the time to truly understand what they are all about. I have been doing alot of thinking about this since the begining of the year. I wonder what triggers the illness to esculate to the point of violence. Can a simple hello do that? The mind is a strange and fragile thing. The person with a mental illness does not accept the reality of the real word, but the reality they have is real to them. Strange how that works reality is simply a preception isnt it? We "normal" people have different preception of the world than does one with a mental illness. But I wonder what happens to trigger a violent outburst, does this person precieve everyone as an enemy? Is that the reality they know living as if everyone is going to hurt them or cause them pain? Medication is a wonderful thing some time it can balance the brain hormones and them normal again. But when those hormones get out of whack it causes alot of problems. So do we just put them in a institution to spend the rest of their lives sedated or do we take the chance on them and give them the best shot at a normal real life we can? Doesnt everyone deserve to feel secure, safe and comfortable? Just because they have a mental illness does that mean they are less of a human than the people that do not? I have been watching alot of movies with various mental illness in them, Is the answer to the question simply do as they did in "One Flew Over the Coocoo's Nest"? Do just give them all a lobotomy and lock them away? How far can a mothers love spread?


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