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Stupidity Reigns Supreme

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Welcome back dear readers!

I know it's been a while, but for those 'in the know' you are aware that I've had some serious issues that needed dealing with, and unfortunately, my little online corner of the world/soapbox was neglected. I plan to remedy this right now:

While watching the news tonight, I happened to catch an editorial that was in my opinion, "bare knuckled, no holds barred, in your face, with no sugar coating".

It was apparently one part of a 4 part series. I like what he had to say, because it so closely resembles what I've been saying for a while now. He just does a damn sight more eloquently.

That being said, these are the words of a man named Bill Cathcart. As always, if you don't like the message, don't shoot the messenger!

I present for your reading enjoyment, Mr. Bill Cathcart.....

Said President Calvin Coolidge back in the 1920's, as if speaking to us today: "Nothing is easier than the expenditure of public money. It doesn't appear to belong to anyone. Thus, the temptation is overwhelming to bestow it on someone." Well, when it comes to those temptations, this liberal Congress and White House far out-perform even the vocal group by that name.

Along with giving away mountains of money last year, money we didn't have, Senate lefties have now raised our debt-ceiling 2-trillion-dollars, to a wallet-boggling total indebtedness of 14.3 trillion. Not done yet, the nation's leadership wants a new 75-billion-dollar, Stimulus II, since last year's, ¾'s of a trillion dollar hand-out quickly vaporized, creating few if any private-sector jobs, only government ones, along with pay-backs to political supporters, we could term, "pay pal." Keep yelling at Congress to knock-off the outrageous spending. It's bankrupting our nation and future.

Beyond the fiscal waste of D.C.'s pro-socialists, we must clamp-down on political stupidity, in general. Since we're on to what the feds are trying to pull, the antidote is to stop expanding the central-government and focus-fully on three, immediate priorities: profiling, drilling, and jobs.

With our security measures again found wanting, serious, comprehensive profiling must now begin. Until we're secure, nothing else matters. We need to knock-off the fear-of-offending, PC lunacy, and profile travelers and foreign residents, illegal and documented, to keep-out, and throw-out, those intent on harming us. Making a few people unhappy is far better than making a lot of us dead.

Next, and related, let's end the energy-independence fable, by increased drilling, mining and nuclear use now. With realistic alternatives still distant, the longer we buy oil from terror-supporters, the longer we're funding our own destruction. And, finally, private sector jobs: tens-of-thousands of which would result from an expanded domestic energy search. Tax cuts are the proven way to increase employment and restore prosperity. Tax hikes kill jobs.

Said Chief Justice John Marshall in an 1819 decision: "the power to tax is the power to destroy." Vibrant free enterprise, not government, grows jobs. Cut spending, cut taxes, increase marketplace employment, and protect us. The right antidote for the plague of stupidity.

In the business world, Waste Management is a highly-regarded refuse collection firm. But when it comes to management of waste in the Feds' stimulus world, now that's pure garbage. And the squandering continues, along with the proposed, deficit-hiking new budget. Case in point, the Feds have just given California and Florida 8-billion of our "stimulus" funds to plan and build high-speed rail. Seems we've done without bullet trains since Columbus landed, and now amidst the highest national debt and budget deficits ever, high-speed rail is a priority? The two-branch royal family and assorted court jesters had best re-focus on the real priorities of security and cost-cutting, or prepare to be run out of town on an existing rail.

We've long-since depleted our treasury, yet we continue to spend. This year, one out of every three dollars spent by this public-interest-ignoring government must be borrowed. For China, our biggest foreign debt-holder, America has become a rent-to-own, geographic time-share. Are you aware, reports FoxNews.com, that "federal agencies are now spending stimulus money at the rate of, listen to this, 196-million dollars every hour," continuing through September?

Playing beat-the-clock, shoveling-out our money, rather than conserving it. Case in point, two Arizona universities got nearly a-million-dollars for three grad students to study the work patterns of ants.

Nevada got a 2-million-dollar fire station it can't staff due to local budget cuts.

The Cal-gals, Nan, Di, and Barb, grabbed 54-million-dollars to upgrade the Napa Valley Wine Train, now re-named in their honor, the gravy train. And did you know that, on top of staggering debt and deficit, we now have the largest civilian federal payroll in anyone's memory.

Stimulus money used to bloat government jobs, while the private sector, the growth engine, was, by design, left to erode.

Americans still riding sedated aboard 2009's political love-train, had best be waking-up and jumping-off, as that out-of-control, dollar-burning engine now speeds toward destruction-junction, taking national security and personal freedom with it.

As we continue to explore abundant political stupidity, seemingly the preferred lifestyle of America's Supreme Soviet, word now that the adorable little tike, with the fib-triggered-nose-rocket, Pinocchio, has found enough kindred-spirits to choose the nation's capital as his new home.

Just in time for nose-launchers like Mr. Biden's statement last week, that Iraq could be (quote): "one of the greatest achievements of this administration."

While kudos are in order for that self-administered butt-kiss, if lies really do set pants on fire, his knickers are fritters. This, from the guy and his boss, when Senators, who voted against the liberating surge.

Then there's Mrs. Pelosi, who trumpeted her leadership of a bi-partisan Congressional trip to Haiti. Turns out, that of the 12 members going, only one is a Republican. Bi-partisanship as defined by the new ultra-lib lexicon of the left.

Other falsehoods, like the mega-bucks being spent to expensively-subsidize creation of "green jobs" with favored companies. Turns out the green-to-gold, pay-pal scheme has stimulated jobs, just not always ours!

A study by the, far-from-conservative, American University in Washington, revealed that of the 2-billion-stimulus-dollars thrown at wind power, nearly 80% has gone to foreign manufacturers of wind turbines, when domestic jobs would abound, from taping-further into our own energy resources.

Apparently "We Are The World" is D.C.'s current chart-topper.

Speaking of kicking domestic job creation wide-left, time for some basic truth, as our Politburo debates spending billions more, we don't have, for another stimulus.

The feds can only add and entrench government jobs. They cannot create real private-sector employment without huge subsidies, nor will the bravado about new mini-tax-credits and incentives.

Businesses will re-hire and expand when they have more customers.

Customers will re-emerge when they have more money. And they'll have more money when the Imperial Government stops spending, and enacts sizeable, lasting tax cuts.

Then and only then will employers begin to hire, regardless of government Pinocchio-speak, and the smoke-screen billions of our generational-dollars being wasted.

Next up, newly-perfected stupidity when it comes to our security.

In too many ways, we have become a nation at risk. Beyond medical take-over and looming bankruptcy, lies America's security.

As recent actions have shown, the threat posed by radical Islam isn't perceived as serious, increasing our vulnerability. The designed-weakening of America began with the President's global "apology" tour, portraying us, not as an exceptional land of liberty, but rather as an "arrogant" nation, deserving to be knocked-down and brought in line with others in the socialist world order.

The chief consequence of the ultra-left's public disdain for our nation, beyond eroding our prominence, is that, by exalting in our newly-imposed weakness, we've emboldened those radical zealots, here and abroad, whose only goal is to convert us or kill us. The fact that America's two-branch leadership refuses to understand this self-induced, heightened threat-status, is inexcusable, nation-endangering, stupidity.

And the stupidity wagon rolls on, as we foolishly continue our PC-shield over one demented political mob, beginning with the move to close Gitmo, when no longer an issue in the Mid-East, and who cares if it was. Then telling our enemies our battlefield exit plans. Telling the nation to hold judgment, after the Fort Hood massacre, when it was a murdering-jihadi all along. Telling us the incident was isolated, when the thankfully-inept, alien Christmas Day, BVD bomber, who hopefully burned off his ornaments, was given all the rights of a citizen-criminal.

Then opting to try the 9/11 master-mind in criminal court in New York, rather than at Gitmo, although Mrs. Pelosi's district would be preferable. One suck-up move after another, flashing the welcoming green-light of weakness to radicals. We've traded a back-bone for a wish-bone.

Turning away from our proven allies, to instead, bow and grovel before regimes that harbor avowed enemies of freedom, thinking it'll make us all pals. This unbelievable PC-stupidity has literally been, and will continue to be, the death of us.

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