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My friends.



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Well this time of year really gets me down 6 years ago today my dad took his life and to this day I am still bothered with the question of WHY. My freinds know this is a rough time for me so today they call me and tell me we are meeting for a spontaneous outing at Applebees, They wouldnt take no for an answer. So I go and I had the best time. Some times its real easy to get caught up with all the shit that goes on in life that we forget the most imporant things our family and our freinds. It is real easy to just shut out the ones we care for and the one's that care for us when times are bad. I am the worlds worse for that I am all into self preservation dont get close and you wont get hurt. But today showed me that its ok to let our friends see us hurt and cry cause that is what friends do. What started out as a bad day suddenly turned great I love my friends cause they sure know me and know what I need and do not take NO for an answer. :wub::wub: Now I just have to figure out what to do with 2 bouquets of daisies ;);) and a cheap bottle of wine...(yeah that was the funniest part of the joke they all know I dont drink so Sharon graciously decided she could take it back home with her and take care of it properly we all had a great laugh. :jump: ) Applebee's will never be the same once our gang was there thank God I am in nursing and not a waitress I wouldnt make any tips! I guess that Tony Romo was right when he said life isnt always chocolate and rainbows. But to add to that quote I will say the chocolate and rainbows aren't near as beautiful as my friends are who needs chocolat and rainbows any way chocolate melts and rainbows fade but friends are a life long thing. So go hug your kids spouse and parents dont wait till tomorrow because tomorrow may be to late, tell them you love you. If you care about someone you really need to tell them cause they may leave before you ever get the chance to tell them. If I had one day with my dad I would say these three simple words... I forgive you. <_<<_<


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WHY? Well first why would I respond to a blog in the first place, here is the answer because although we have never had "face time" you have always been there for me, so many chats when I needed YOU.

Will tell you a little story first my friend, in my graduating class of 24 the first year Paramedic program being started, yes back in the days when a state of the art EMS ventilator was a Flynn III (now that's dating myself) Well 4 out of my class are gone by their own hand and I have often asked myself the very same question WHY? Well its not hard to understand how intense the physical pain associated with the mental pain when thing go sideways, some choose to stop that pain, some not does it make us bad or good

To answer the question WHY ... well there is just no answer, it is dependent on each individual, and that is their choice. I do know ONE thing DO know he knows that you have forgiven him. :wub:

The theme song to MASH always comes to mind when am involved I hear of such an event, but crying with a friend is better than crying alone so go hug your friends to :hug:


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i am going to respond as well.. my chiefs mom just passed away and he came to me and said anna if you havent done it yet tell your mom you love her..i said when i go see her next weekend and next weekend never came for me..

my answer to him was bob i do because i live everyday like im not going to make it to the next one...i have been blessed to have a chronic illness and that keeps me one my toes..3 times i thought id never come home...so i dont talk to my kids/husband/mom/dad/best friends without telling them before i hand up i love them..leave the house what ever it may be.. when i first dx with this illness i cried..why me..but now im glad because even though i was compassionate with every pt i am so understanding when the say do you know what i mean..iv been through so very much that i can yes and look at them and they know i know the pain they are feeling...

i was like you when i was younger keep people at a distance but since iv gotten older (just little mind you) and been very sick i dont leave that important saying to chance anymore..

good friend dont come along every day..and i think of my chiefs saying often and people think im the unliky one for getting so sick..im the lucky one...i know whats important and not important now...loving someone is so very important and taking the time to really care about my friends because not many people do..they really dont want you to go into anything when they ask..lip service..so enjoy your friends and family to the fulliest...love each other like this is your last day tomorrow was never promised to us anyway!!!!

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i recall my chief talking to me about 2 3 wks ago..he said anna if you havent told your mom that you love her do it today..i thought i had till the weekend to see her and talk with her and now shes gone. dont be like me and its too late..i said bob i do everyday i tell my husband/kids/friends that i love them and appreciate everything they do for me..and appologize when im not myself with them too quick with words etc..because tomorrow was never promised to us..i have been lucky in this about 10yrs i was dx with a chronic illness..i suffer something auwfull..but with that comes the knowledge that i have been on deaths door 3 xs so far and know more is coming and i dont want to leave here without the man that has been there for me thru everything not to know i love him more then life itself..and to my parents how much they mean and i love them my kids they dont leave even in front of there friends they say they love me and i say it back..the leasons have been great the neg not so much..i can relate to a pt because i can tell someone i have been there when they are hurting or whatever the case may be..family friends they are truly whats important in life..i am lucky because i learned what was important in life and things that use to get to me they dont...

you are truly love to have friends to do for you..so many people today forget how to be a good friend..glad that you have such wonderful friends and had a good day!!!!

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