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The Pyrene Fire Extinguisher



I had such a mess to clean up. I'll prolly get cancer now. I moved my bedroom all around, to better fit my vast range of antique shit. So, I have these old fire extinguishers, three are loaded, but contain no water, just full cartridges. I couldn't find the bracket for my 1932 Brass Pyrene Ford Auto Extinguisher. So, I sat it on the radiator so it wouldn't roll around. Waking with cold feet, I felt my way over and opened the valve. . . . At like 6:30, I awoke after hearing a loud, hollow sounding "THUNGGGGG", there was a terrible odor. I turned the light on, and the radiator is covered with a bubbly, green-blue sludge. I had to put gloves on just to pick up the fire extinguisher, the once liquid charge, now just a slime from 70 years of corrosion, must have boiled, which caused the top to blow off. It was pretty easy to clean up, but the liquid inside was Carbon Tetrachloride, which was discontinued from use in firefighting, because it's vapor can cause cancer, liver and kidney damage or can be fatal..



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thattt's not good... but silly you for putting it on a hot radiator... I hope you're okay and don't die...you're fun to have around!!

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