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What the hell are trackbacks?

Just Plain Ruff


So I'm on the blog page looking at the trackbacks. On each of my blog entries there are a minimum of 400 or more trackbacks.

I go to look at the trackbacks and all of them are from some dirtbag companies that have to do with online pharmacies and narcotics. What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't we turn off those trackbacks. They make our system look like a narcotics anonymous site.

but just a vent from me.

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You got to hate that. The companies try and use your blog entry to get hits on Google and other searches. Most of the time it is just plane ol posting your entry on to their site. They only include the trackback feature so they can't be hit with plagiarism

It has always been a pain in the butt for me too. But I do think it is a good idea to have a feature to shut them off on here. Its not right to have everyone's posts being used for no good.

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