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national lampoons vacation



Well as a few of you know i have been on a family vacation. We started off with a SE gale that had the potential of making the ferry not go on time but there was a break in the weather so off we went the Griswalds. We had decided to take the inside passage (a 16 hr trip). First we get to our room and off course our TV didnt work but then Hubby said you know i think my gall bladder is starting to act up. 8 hrs into the sailing he had 8/10 pain and we spent 6 hrs in the first aid room until it subsided enough to not warrent an ambulance to meet us at the terminal. We went to the hospital were they gave him a few drugs that helped. So off we go and start to go to our first destination so hubby can pick up his new car and we had a good meal. Two days later he is in the hospital having his gall bladder removed but the liver and pancrious are swollen so they may open him up and close then tell him to come back in a month ya like that was going to happen. I just got back from the hospital and he is not a happy camper i guess the sleepy stuff didn't agree with him so he is feels barfy and grumpy. One thing I couldnt beleve is through the last few days they are saying me his wife can visit him during visiting hrs ya like that is going to happen i will be there early in the morning. Well we are 6 days into our holiday if i have a chance to get back on i will let you know about our next adventure.


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