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Sucking Chest Wound



I was bored last week.. So, I sent "Glad Press 'n Seal" an email:

"We use plastic wrap as an occlusive dressing, that's to stop severe bleeding (b/c it can't go through plastic), protect burns, seal chest wounds, etc.. I was wondering if there was any testing done to see if Press 'n Seal could be used for Penetrating Chest Trauma, eg "Sucking Chest Wounds"?"

I'm still waiting for a reply.


Recommended Comments

Dear Mr. 4c6,

Thank you for your recent submission for a new use for our Press 'n' Seal® product!

While we here at Glad® are always interested in how our product is used around the home, we must say that your submission is certainly 'inventive'.

Our Press 'n' Seal® team has reviewed your submission, and while it IS inventive, we cannot advocate our product be used in such a manner. This is due to sterility issues.

For taking the time to submit your idea, we are sending you a store coupon for $1.00 off your next purchase of Glad® Press 'n' Seal®


Glad® Press 'n' Seal® Team

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