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It's the neverending story



You try to be a happy camper and you almost get there THEN some other incedent will raise its ugly head.

My friend that just had the esphoageal cancer surgery is now in the hospital waiting for his younger brother(who I learned how to commercial fish with) to come out of emergency heart surgery.

36 hrs ago he was out on the fishing grounds when he started to have chest pain. He started towards port and couldn't wait so the coast guard meet them and then transported him the rest of the way. He was then transfered and had OR time booked for 10:00 pm but the the medivac couldn't get him there fast enough. Apperently in the original hospital they couldn't get the clot to disolve so there it has sat causing more damage to his heart. He dosnt have the greatest life style as he smokes and parties on and on top alot of stress from the ex-wife. I just hope he pulls through it all deep down hes a good man that has 2 boys that need him in their life.

Everything seems to happen all at once and then becomes very overwelming. :)


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