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I just don't get it



Well I guess this is an update to my vent.

Friend #1 had her commitment ceremony with her soul mate last night. I missed it because I had to attend an AGM meeting. She has decided to eat everthing that she can get her teeth onto. So she has gained some weight and is looking better that last week. She has a good attitute and good freinds around her. The sad thing is that she is on steriods that are keeping the tumors at bay (she has 5 that are growing on top of eachother) but Im sure that will come to an end. All you can hope for is no suffering.

Friend #2 has found out the cancer has made it to her lymph nodes. Next week she will go to the Dr. and discuss the treatments that she will be available for her. She is on the fence about chemo but said that she will have an open mind on everything. She has had her pity party and now is on her way to having the attitude we have come to love.

Friend # 3 has found out the cancer is in his lymph nodes also. I just cant believe that the Dr decided it would be a good idea to tell his wife as she is getting off of the elevator, and then said well people dont live more then 5 years once its in the node. This is probably a pretty true statement but one would think the Dr. would have had a private conversation. He will be on his way home next week and has decided that he will try chemo.

It is amazing to me that the above 3 have had very healthy lifestyles and they are the ones in this situation and you see the ones that live for ever and they smoke drink and do what ever the hell they want. I guess god just takes ya when he/she wants, ya my luck im seeing a bus just before i go.

Well Im still trying to be cheery and happy but it sure is a hard thing to do.

take care all


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