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Rodeo Week



Well Rodeo Week is over with at last. Amazingly there were no serious injuries. One of the riders in the Grand Entry was thrown from her horse, she got back on and finished the Grand Entry, then complained of neck and head pain. She was taken to the hospital and everything was ok.

We did have some excitement last night. A transformer blew as a result of an underground short and it back fed to the substation, so the whole town and the rodeo grounds were without power, and at the time unknown how long till it was restored. Setting up an Incident Command post and worked out the logistics quickly how to get 7,000 out of the stands once it turned dark barring a stampede. We had called for the firetrucks from other communities to stage their trucks with their scene lights etc. and the ambulances would use their flood lights to light everything up. We had everything just about in place when power was restored and the rest is rodeo history. It could have gotten real ugly.

Putting the ambulance to bed around midnight and going home ourselves for some much needed shut eye.


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