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Well friend #1 has 2 weeks for this world. She is trying to be so strong for those around her and she has now realized within herself that this is the end for her life as she knows it. Now with this said my goal for the rest of my life is to just try and have a good day everyday. As I watched her partner take care of her yesterday all I could see is true love from him. Im not to concerned about her as much as I am for him and I hope that he takes all the help from his friends and loved ones.

Friend #2 got home today and came to see me. She looks fabulous. I cant believe how far surgery has gone from just 10 years ago. I always thought that when you have a masectomy they just lobed them off. She discribed the proceedure to me as they remove the nipple and take a mellon baller type of instument and scoop out the breast. I have to admit I was so surprized that she just had a few pieces of clear tape over the incissions. We were both expecting the bride of frankenstien surgery. Now the next hurddle is to get the results of the lymph node biopsy.

Friend #3 is on his way to his surgery on the 7th but he is starting to sound weak. This cancer is so aggressive, you just dont know what to think. He says the cancer hasn't spread but from everything I have read esophegeal cancer is normally not found until the late stages and therefor is usually not curable but is treatable what ever that means. He is a good guy deep down and our community will be loosing a real character.

Well that is the end of todays vent and off I go to have a BBQ with good freinds and family.


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