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Some days this world is very cruel



Well just need to have alittle vent and hope my friends here can say some prayers for some people that are close to me.

First friend

As some of you know last year I finally got Married and had the ceremony of a lifetime and a great party after. Our friends and family were a part of it all. One set of friends were there and when they looked into eachothers eyes you could see love in its purest form. 3 days later the girl is in the hospital with abdominal pain, bloating and nausia. So off she goes to see the out of town Dr. and low and behold she has ovarian cancer. She had surgery right away and the Dr said she thought she had gotten about 95% of the cancer. She was also informed that if she completed chemo she would be given 2 years and if not 6 months. She chose not to have Chemo. Now alot of people had issues with that but I think she chose to live the rest of her life as healthy as possible and not sick from the Chemo. Last week she was skipping with another friend and today she is bed ridden and ready to come home to die. She is 41 years old with a partner and no children.

Second Friend

As of Monday she had a double masectomy. She found out 2 weeks ago that she did indeed have breast cancer and that it may have spread to the lymph nodes. She has had a great attitude from the beginning and made sure that the doctors were very aware of what her treatment was going to be and that they were going to do what she wanted. Her mother died of breast cancer and she was horrified at the condition of her mother when she went the radiation and chemo route. So when her mom did die she said to herself if I am the one to get cancer I will go as radical as I can. She texted me when she was getting a second opinion that they thought that the cancer was in lymph nodes and was informed that they really dont know until they remove some of them when they do the surgery. She is going to do chemo and everything she can to be a survivor. Like I said she is a Trooper and I really try not to dig her grave in my head. She is 40 years old with 3 children.

Third Friend

About 4 weeks ago he came home from a dentist appointment where he just happened to mention that he was having a hard time swollowing and from there off to the doc he went. He then told my hubby that he had esophogeal cancer and that is why he is vomiting and unable to swollow. I went to find out more about this cancer and from the mayo website it said that only about 5% of patients make it 5 years. He also has a great attitude and feels that he is going to beat it and live happily ever after. On the 7th he is going to have surgery to remove his esophegous and he has also decided not to have chemo before or after the surgery. He is 52 years old with a wife (who caters to him and loves him dearly) he has children and grand children.

I know that people get sick and pass away but its looking like I may loose some good friends in the next year. Some days are just like that I guess. :(

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even when all seems horrible you have to look at all the goodness that comes with it even when it seems like there is none. if they die which i hope they dont youll feel better about yourself knowing that you treasured the time they did have left instead of being all depressed and down and letting that person see you that way and therefore making them feel all down and depressed. we all die some time its what we make of the time we are on this earth that make it count so even if you have no hope at all, for your sake and for their sake make each second count because once theyre gone, youll never get it back

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