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I was talking with my daughter when she came home from college today. She was telling me that one of her friends knew the people that use to live across the street from us. Theynhad just moved away, about 3 months ago. She went on to tell me that the female claimed that she was forced to video with her phone, an 8 year old girl having sex with a 13 year old boy. That angered me, how does your boyfriend make you use your phone to video this? But then she went on. Her boyfriend was arrested for having video'd taped himself with his phone giving a 5 month old little boy oral sex.

Yes a 5 month old. They both claimed that they were forced by each other. Your kidding me right? This enraged me. No words in the English language could explain how I felt when I heard that. I told my daughter that I am very glad they no longer live across the street from us. I don't think that I would be able to control myself is she got out of jail on bail. My daughter new her from high school and always would tell me stories about her. I would tell my daughter Theresa that was in high school people do change. I was right in a way she did change for the worse! What is wrong with this world? I read the blog hmmm and that so fit with this story. The moms being let off after killing their little ones, all with being pregnant before they are tried for the first little ome they killed. We are no longer held accountable for our actions. It is all everyone elses fault! I shudder to think that after watching all these other people getting off with time served after only 20 months for killing their children that she may never see a jail cell after she gets out on bail! We are failing as a society.

Didn't mean to rant but this story my daughter told me is insane!

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