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What now?

Tonight my son graduated from the vocational school. He got a certificate from carpentry. He made it all the way up to two week before graduation and he failed out of the nursing program. This was hard on him and myself all these years I have told both my boys you can do anything you want in life if you fail you fail as long as you do your best that is all anyone can ask. I am so proud of him he has come into his own in many many ways.

But he is like his mom he isnt going to let a set back stop him from his dream we go to the college on wednesday to enroll him in their nursing program so pray all goes well for him. His choice not mine.

I have learned a lesson from him over the last two weeks, one is he is more of a man than i could have imagined, the high school he attends couldnt change anything on his schedule since he only has two weeks of school he had no morning class anymore i told him he could stay home and then check in. He did not do this he went every day to the LPN class as though he was still in class. He opted to keep going so he could finish out the those two weeks. I am so very proud of him. Me i wouldnt have went back but he is no quitter.

Tomorrow night is his final graduation from high school my baby will be ready to go into this big cruel world and spread his wings. This is bitter sweet I would love to keep him with me forever but I know its time for him to come into his own. I do worry did I do good enough job raising him did I make the right choices while i was raising him alone? Did I teach him the things he will need out in this world? Did I forget to teach him something.

Tonight as i watched him go across that stage I could never describe the feeling of how proud I was of him. Yes he failed LPN but he didnt let that destroy his dream. Maybe I need to take a lesson from my son.

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