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Update again...

Well... I have had a lot of changes again. I am now in Lafayette, if some aren't familiar, its the home of Purdue University! I took a job with a company that trains Mentally Retarded children that have multiple issues, to function in life on their own. I love every single bit of it and most days its a challenge. I don't like restraining them but sometimes for their own benefit and mine, I have to.

There are some that do self harm, or harm to others, and its bad. But I really do love seeing them have a great day and letting them know how proud I am of them for making their day good. Or if they are having a bad day, and they do so much better, letting them know how proud I am of them turning their day around. This has been the biggest challenge to date in my life.

Sometimes I think its a substitute for my kids being gone now. I guess it sort of is, because I don't want to leave at night when Im done with my shift.

I miss you tin roof, I know you are watching and checking up on me. I guess if you wanted to chat, you would find me. My heart is empty without you around. Send me a message and I will give you my new number.

I miss being in chat but I refuse to pay when I have donated a substantial amount considering Im a single mom... and just refuse to pay it. If you know me, you know where to find me, if you don't, ask, I will fill you in...

Much love to everyone!

Hey, lost more weight, had a lady ask me the other day as she looks at my drivers license if it was really me! LMAO!! I LOVE IT!


Well my girl is here, Ms. Chick! We are having a good time, she loves it when I cook!

I miss people in chat, send me a message some time! I get bored!

stretcherbunny01 is my yahoo id and its always on!

Much love!



Catching Up...

Well, a lot has been going on!

1. Im in school for nursing, but I think I am going to switch back to Medic then transition to nursing, I realize this sounds funny, but I desperately miss being on a truck.

2. I took a job at a plasma donation center, love everything about it but some jealous co-workers, because they are lazy and I am a doer. They are getting reprimanded while Im getting patted on the back. So they make my life miserable. Im trying to get back on a truck now, as we speak.

3. Daughter lives with her father, doesn't talk to me - she will figure it all out someday.

4. Ex is trying his damndest to get custody of my son, hmm... Lots of idea flowing here! :devilish::wtf2::fish:

5. I have changed my life, I now work out, run, eat well.. have lost like 50 lbs in the past 3 months for a total of 150 all together, since I joined this site almost 3 years ago. Im so proud, I can actually see my clavicals, no more double chin, my hands are so thin, clothes don't fit, its amazing!

6. um, no 6, I think that about sums it up!

No Man, No Life, just me and my son! For now!

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