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So last night I had my second sleep study. Now I'm asking for help because I just don't know enough on this topic. Let me go ahead and spell some things out: I'm a 24 year old 200pound female. Most of that weight is in my legs. I'm athletic. I ride 6 miles everyday on bicycle, run around with my kids, run up and down the stairs at work on break because I like to, etc. I don't just sit around and eat. In fact I even pack my lunch so I don't go out to the closest fast food place. I'm not going to claim I'm an olimpian I'm far from that. Just saying I'm not a lazy slob.

Well got some results from the first sleep study I did.... Ya it was bad, In fact it was scary. It was a WTF?!? I had 30 episodes of sleep apnea an hour. Most of which were obstructive. Ok so ya it suddenly hit me that this, "unneeded cpap test" might be needed alittle more. When the place told me I had to go in again they made it sound like they were being over causous and I barely had any. I almost didn't go in again. Glad I went with the, "My insurance covers it 100% so might as well" style of thinking. Anyway I digress. My tech then tries to say that for some reason he doesn't know the computer is saying I owe a $1000 but not for taking the test. :: draw huge question mark over head now:: We're guessing it's why the corperate office tried to call me a second time on Friday but by the time I could call back they were gone and closed for the weekend. We're also guessing it would be to buy the mechine. That makes sinse right? Well because we're budget freaks we didn't pay up and I'm going to be bugging the corperate office on Monday.

Well I get home today and being the research person I am I'm trying to find out more about OSA and Cpap machines. (Any help in this would actually be nice. So I make sure I'm understanding what I'm reading. Like I said I'm a research person.) I even find the exact one I was hooked up to last night and the exact mask. The total with shipping: $608... Ok so we have almost $400 unaccountible dollars between those too prices... Um am I missing something?

Ok the rambling gypsy is done.


Is awsomeness a word? I'm not sure. If it isn't it should be! Yesterday I had a moment of pure awsomeness. I gave a woman hope, excitement, and a feeling of beauty that she said she had lacked for a few years. ( How sad it that?) Yesterday the garb I wearing for work exposed my tattoo on my back. Now my dancer has been with me for so long I forget about her. She's just there dancing away covering a scar from a mole removal that went bad. Part of the tattoo is a veil that the dancer is letting go and it looks like it's fluttering to the floor. Well the "flutting" is really the scar tissue. The unevenness of the skin works perfectly for the effect. Short of me telling you or feeling it you would never know that wasn't just really good shading.

Well the woman noticed my tattoo and commented about how she loves them but because of excessive ammounts of scars she didn't think she could have them. To which I smiled and told her to touch the veil. She did to which started squeels of joy. She recognized the feel of scar tissue and realized my tattoo was a cover up. She has now gone from a young woman that would cover herself in order to hide her scars because she is depressed and embaressed by them; to a woman that is planning a tattoo that will incorperate them into something beautiful to show off.

Like I said: I had a moment of pure awsomeness! :D


Firebird's Child

While getting ready for another day at faire I put on some faire/Pagan music to get my heart going. It's a great way to set the mood for the rest of the day. Guess that would be the dancer in me talking. Well I was listening to one song and reallized how it can work for some firefighters out there. Now I don't mean the ones that have been doing it so long they forget why they got into it. I mean the ones that go back to the station with that rush of endorphins going, "Man that was awsome!" The song is called Firebird's Child and it's an artist named S.J. Tucker.

Just thought it was an awsome song that some here would enjoy.


I love my Kids!

Ok so I started this as a thread on the boards but figured it was more at home here. I had yet another moment where I couldn't help but laugh and smile. I heard this first from a co worker and then from the parent of the child. It seems last night while the mom was given her two sons a bath the younger one said he wasn't feeling well. ( I first heard J hurt him but that was a mistake.) His older brother who I'll just call J was in my class during the pen pal program. J turned to his brother and asked, "Is it medical or trauma?" The mother by the way is a RN at the local hospital. She laughed and asked where he heard those words from. Fully knowing the answer. She's a good mom though and walked her son threw the situation and J took care of his brother. :)

I love my kids!


cross your fingers

Cross your fingers, pray, sacrafice small animals and child ( ok not really) or what ever is it you do. Last night I applied for a couple of open possitions at the local hospital. One of which I'm actually over qualified for. It's for a job working in the daycare part of the hospital, but I'll take it. Get my foot in the door somehow. Besides I love kids. We all know that fact. :)The other job is an EMT job in the ER. Which works for me. :D Either way it will get me where I want to go.

I'm actually hoping they will notice my adress and just have me work in the location that's just opening up a block away. They aren't hiring any support staff yet for there but you never know. :) Ya I know I'm dreaming and things wont work out that nicely.



Well last night hubby and I checked out the local writer's meet up group. He and I both enjoy writing historical fiction and we try ( in his case succeed) the NaNoWriMo Challenge every year. Well we went to the meet up expecting Joe Smo's with laptops and working on projects. You know people like us? Ya no. This group is full of serious published writers. I felt alittle small compaired to a few people. ... Ok all of them.... It has though done something good. I have printed up the stories I started working on a few years ago so that I can edit them. :) Maybe this is the kick the butt I needed. I hope so, the story was fun and different. Anyone want to help me do a proof reading? ... I'm kiding! I don't want to torture anyone trying to read my bad writing.


What can I do?

Well I figured the penpal project I did was fun and I could tell two of my kids learned some things from it. What I didn't realize is that one of my kids not only learned but it sparked a pasion in him. He wants more and when I can I'll try to give it. He's in a new classroom now and his new teacher doesn't know how to answer his questions or show him more. While a wonderful teacher she has no knowledge of EMS. So I do what I can when he comes to my room. If he asks to come and look at the pictures here I let hiim. or we'll go to the GALLS website or look up stuff on youtube. If I have any of my gear with me I'll pull it out and let him take vitals or whatever. I even have blank copies of the patient care reports that I let him look at and try to fill out. Which he can though it takes him awhile.

Well today his mom came to me. It seems he went to her over the weekend carring her cell asking if they could call an ambulance to see if he could see a truck. He didn't want to call 911 he knew that was bad. He wanted to call a company and ask if they had a truck not currently in service. ( Ya talk about a smart kid.) I know at the age of 4 he can't do any ride alongs. They aren't safe at that age, attention span is very short etc. What I'm asking is what can we do to keep this pasion alive and going? Is there some sort of program in the Tampa area for kids his age? What can we make for him to "use" when he's at centers or at home.

I know this is an odd blog post/question. I even know that there's a large chance there is no answer. Just hoping if we all put our heads together maybe we can figure something out.


It's offical. Summer is here and it's time to get ready for it. Yesterday was the last day of school for the county I'm shocked I had so many kids. My numbers will most likely be low today. :: sighs:: Graduation is tomorrow and I got roped into working it. I don't mind will give me the chance to say good bye to the kids that wont be in the summer camp.

This last year has been nuts for me. I went through my EMT-B course and had to deal not just with the pressures of work but also my job. Bosses upset that I was going to be leaving them, a lead with OCD, and kids that didn't want to listen to me since I wasn't their constant. Thankfully most of that cleared itself out when I got out of school. For a while I thought working at a night club would be easier! lol

I had a crazy last month with a friend coming into town for a week. Plus my one month penpal project with my kids. I would really like to thank the Admin and this site. Without them I couldn't have done it. Thanks guys! I have two kids that not only learned but have taken what they know outside the school. I really hope the parents don't let their interest just lay down and die. If they keep it alive then in 20 or so years we could have some new medics! :D

So no bites when it comes to finding a job in the field. Just got to keep looking and aplying everywhere I can. At least I have a good job now.

Well I mostly just typed this all out so I could see it.

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