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A while has passed

Wow a while has passed since I last wrote in this, 7 months to be honest. I am at work on my last block of shifts *2 night shifts after today* and then I am finished with EMD. I am going back to School and hands on RN again. whilst the experience has been an interesting one, its one that ahs had many ups and downs over the last few months. I am stoked and happy I achieved my IAEMD certification and now am aware of so many things in regards to wondering why the hell we were sent out to something it wasn't.

EMS staff, please please please please PLEASE don't knock EMD staff until you have had to have that call from a useless informant or someone who is screaming in a language you don't understand and are understaffed. We can only do so much, we try honestly we try but it's hard. We can only do so much in this room and we are in this room most of the time, we can't get out and hop in the vehicle for a drive, we are at our desks most of the shift.

I realised I missed hands on health care, and I need to be doing something that I am meant to be doing, so I have a new job back in Coronary Care in a New hospital and working up towards the rest of my masters.

Hopefully means more time to be on here with my EMS family and stay involved in pre hospital care again.



I passed my paper

I've just gotten home from my clinical exam and I passed. The assessor said with a high mark also which is a great feeling as I have passed the paper with an A average. Thank you those who wished me well and got me through it. It was tough with having to write assignments with other issues occuring in my personal life and you guys got me through. Thank you it is truely appreciated.

One more paper after this and I'm a third of my way to my masters.



2 down, 1 to go

I just got my mark back from my verbal presentation, I got another A along with the A that I got for my written assignment I did on NSTEMI's.

I can't believe it, I am doing better at post graduate than I did at undergrad and balancing life, work, travel and family. WOOO HOOOOO



Ok am on countdown mode from my current job, in the next five and half weeks, I have to do the following:

a) work my shift routines

B) finish a 30 minute verbal presentation (which is actually this thursday coming up and will be attended by my boss EEEEEK)

c) Attend College for my post graduate papers

d) Do a physical exam for my advanced assessment paper

e) Sleep

f) Eat

g) Spend time with the wife and kid

h) Sign my contract and get measured for my uniform

i) Shower

j) Come into EMTcity on a daily basis

k) Survive comments and attitudes from nurses as I countdown the final weeks at my job

l) Attend my farewell function

m) Get Nervous

n) perform testicular self examination

o) Work on some more of my book

p) drive to my family home for the wifey to meet my family

q) continue to sing wenkebach

r) Laundry

s) make a sandwhich

t) balance my money

u) *in relation to above* jump for joy that my new job is three grand a year more base salary than my current one

v) finish my personal role development portfolio (or as I like to call it, laxative).

w) Pray that none of the nurses I told about my new job have told my boss.

x) Wish the next few weeks would go faster

y) perform usual excretetory functions

z) start my new job.

Nothing much eh ;)


Ok, time for me to join in the blog nation on this site. I will admit now, I may become slack in posting in this blog as I am known at times as an ultimate procastinator when it comes to these, but I will try.

I just wanted to say and put it out, that I got the Emergency Medical Dispatcher role with St John New Zealand :)

I am so excited, as I didn't think I would get the role, they rang me yesterday at 1730 and passed on the great news.

There were four hundred by final count, applicants for the role, then it was whittled down to 12 of us, then 4 of us and then I was one of three who got a position.

I start training for the role on June the second which is perfect timing in relation to my current contract with my current role coming to an end on the 17th of May.

Thank you all of you who gave me support and encouragement to get through the interview, assessment and preperation stages for this role. it's a foot back in the door to paid EMS work and I am excited as anything.

Thank you for letting me have my little brag lol.

Scotty :)

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