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brains doesnt dictate logic

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happy again

aaaah loving the job area and people..........not missing some people others i am.............loving ems again!!!!!!!!!!! :jump:




well moved.... lives goes on, people left behind..... like goes on, changed jobs..... life goes on, still have friends.... life goes on, :P thought some people were friends.....and not...life goes on. <_<


for the love of god

im just wondering, people do things and say things and we sit there and say " well....he makes a good argument" horsehockey! someone screws up dont sugar coat it. they screwed up and actions need to be dealt with. i messed up and fessed up and got my slap upside my head (so to say) and carried on. been seeing people sit there and actually defend a stupid action. and there could have been serious injuries! wtf????? if your going to do something do not do it with a rolling billboard that will just get you bent over and reemed up the yahoo for it! be a little smarter for the love of god....use your brains please.



as a friend of mine has shown me, people are complete sexual dumbasses. one person breaks a glass jar or so in their ass (by accident with prob. resulted in a colostomy) and todays little submission of a sexy toy accident.........people are stupid. just when ya think one has seen it all. we find something new to screw this up. do we not use the grey matter that mother nature provided for you????? obviouslyfuckingnot!

my .02 cents worth

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