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Tested and testing


Could it be? The day is near where I finally test for my emt-paramedic. Nervous? Yes. Excited? Yes. Blogger? No. I have no idea why I am writing this, and no idea who will ever read it. But whatever, why not. It's past midnight, I am losing my mind, and instead of studying I am reading EMS forums and looking up videos on rebuilding transmissions. Priorities may be more mixed up than salt in saline.... I guess I am all studied out. I have asked everyone I know who has passed the NREMT-P what to expect, and I get differant answers from everybody.

"It's so easy bro..."

"It's so hard man..."

Study this, study that...

Study more cardiology than peds...

Study more peds than cardiology......

Study more pediatric cardiology than respiratory.....

Enough to make your head spin. I guess I just have to take this test and see firsthand. The scariest part though? It's not this test. It's not any test. It's actually finally becoming a paramedic. No longer the student, but a full on, patched, med pushin', scene controllin' paramedic. I think I am ready. Not yet comfortable, but definatly ready. I was comfortable as a waiter... but then again I did that for almost a decade. My EMS career is in it's infancy.

This should be pretty awesome.

If you just read this, YOUR pretty awesome too. I guess I am a blogger now too. emt-b. emt-blogger.

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