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I've been popping amitriptyline (for chronic bk pn) like candy lately, and it gives me the most vivid dreams.

I had a weird one today. Farm machinery, falling from the sky. Totally weird. Of all things.. Farm machinery?

I'll just wake up suddenly, and I'm talking. Outloud. Like I woke up in the middle of a conversation.

Normally, when I sleep, I kick stuff all over the room. Socks will be on the floor, pillows, my shirt.

But nope, I woke up exactly how I fell asleep, in the center of the bed, supine, covered and still.

I have to wonder if I'm not waking up, and doing stuff while I'm asleep. Like making the bed. :huh:


Alternative Fuels

So, if everyone wore oatmeal powered jetpacks, wouldn't we run out of oats, eventually?


Is there more oil than oats? What will we do with all the extra oil? Feed it to the starving people of the world, now that Oatmeal is our chief fuel source?

Just a bit off..

All week, I've been off. I picked up the wrong watch, for an ambulance call, that's when things went down hill. Tuesday night, I was bitching to myself b/c LOST wasn't on.. Well, duh, b/c it's on Wednesday. Wednesday, I missed lost, b/c it felt like Thursday. Thursday, I hurry around, to get to the post office, before it closes.. had a call.. and went in to grab my mail, only to discover that it was in fact NOT, Saturday. I dunno why I thought it was a Saturday. The only plausible explanation, is the time change.

Now, I'm pretty sure it's Friday the 13th at 0344.. That's all I got..

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