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16 Hours

16 hours. I feel like a vampire. I get up, it's dark. I go to work, it's dark. I go home, it's f****** dark.. I sleep, its daylight.

every now and then, will be a tremendous rattle the ground will start shake and a train will pass. otherwise I see nothing I hear nothing I'm just here. All alone. Who am I supposed to help?I think I'd rather be an ambulance driver....


As I sit here, clad in my boxers, in front of a fan...stuck to my leather chair... I'm barely conscious. Oh yeahhhh... Half an oxycontin and half an ultram. Just because. Took a va-ca week. I fucking hurt. Everywhere, every joint in my body is practically useless. Even my hands cramp up. And this damn soupy swamp ass weather ain't helping. I won't bitch about heat, b/c I bitch about cold..but the humidity is so bad you could bottle it up and sell it. And it just rained for about twenty-three seconds...so it's hot, sticky and muggy..at 1am. It was supposed to be 85 today, and it was 98, with a heat index of 107; and it was supposed to be 62 now; and it's 85...so they got shit mixed up a tad. Can't have AC, the place will burn to the ground, wiring is too old..and can't go out and wander around, we have a bear problem...so I'm sitting here, stuck to my chair. Literally.

Pondering..trying to.. I just may barf up the rack of ribs I had for dinner. A large meal on a hot day, just doesn't work...but I couldn't pass it up. Tried a little cola syrup, tasted like shit. I think I'd rather have a bag of wee...uh... nevermind. I was going to spend the evening sewing the patch on my new uniform shirts, but I didn't feel that was an activity that should be performed while not 100% lucid. I'd ask my fiance to do it, but she apparently never had a home economics class. JUST SAYING. I can see it now. "What's a TME"? Military term.. yanno... Technician, Medical, Emergency. ha ha

So I bought a case of suction tubing, really cheap shit, on ebay..and just finished slicing a slit in all 400' of it.. She had to get a kitten. It likes to chew on wires, so to avoid a "Christmas Vacation" (the movie) incident, I'm putting all my wires in suction tubing. That way, at least she'll be satisfied that I tried.

I was going to clean my walk in closet out tonight, so I can go back to calling it a walk in closet, but I'm afraid I'd die from heat stroke. The walls seem to repel heat during the day, and release it inward at night. I am fricken dying here..and then she decides that its a good night to get frisky. Yeah, probably not dear, not feeling so great. So, that's why I'm not in bed. I'd be an unwelcome guest, and I've been shunned to the couch. I'll guilt trip my way back to bed by morning, over protecting, gullible nurses are just too easy; she was hounding me all day about water. I never drink water, I drink other shit. I've never drank a whole glass or bottle of water in my life; and I've yet to die because of it. Drink some water, come lay down, sit in the shade, did you check your sugar? Re-read that in a whiny ass annoying tone and you'll be spot on. Stifle yourself, I'm gonna hang out at the Hosey (fire station), leaving my cell here. Call down if the house catches fire..

Going for a nap on the porch. Peace out ppl of the globe.


Dear Mr. (4c6),

Thank you for contacting us.

Knowing that you like our product is important, and we value the comments you have shared with us. Because the marketing specialists working on the production and distribution of this product also will enjoy your comments, I am forwarding them on.

Please note, however, we only recommend using our product according to label instructions. Our product is not designed to cover wounds while showering or bathing. For more information about Glad Press and Seal and how we recommend using it, please visit our website at: http://www.glad.com/plasticwrap/pressnseal.php.

We're confident that our product will continue to serve you well in the future.

Again, thank you for contacting us.


Sarah Barnett

Consumer Response Representative


I had such a mess to clean up. I'll prolly get cancer now. I moved my bedroom all around, to better fit my vast range of antique shit. So, I have these old fire extinguishers, three are loaded, but contain no water, just full cartridges. I couldn't find the bracket for my 1932 Brass Pyrene Ford Auto Extinguisher. So, I sat it on the radiator so it wouldn't roll around. Waking with cold feet, I felt my way over and opened the valve. . . . At like 6:30, I awoke after hearing a loud, hollow sounding "THUNGGGGG", there was a terrible odor. I turned the light on, and the radiator is covered with a bubbly, green-blue sludge. I had to put gloves on just to pick up the fire extinguisher, the once liquid charge, now just a slime from 70 years of corrosion, must have boiled, which caused the top to blow off. It was pretty easy to clean up, but the liquid inside was Carbon Tetrachloride, which was discontinued from use in firefighting, because it's vapor can cause cancer, liver and kidney damage or can be fatal..



Sucking Chest Wound

I was bored last week.. So, I sent "Glad Press 'n Seal" an email:

"We use plastic wrap as an occlusive dressing, that's to stop severe bleeding (b/c it can't go through plastic), protect burns, seal chest wounds, etc.. I was wondering if there was any testing done to see if Press 'n Seal could be used for Penetrating Chest Trauma, eg "Sucking Chest Wounds"?"

I'm still waiting for a reply.



Last weekend, I got bored.. Went to see The Hangover. Great film.

Today, again, bored. Went to see Bruno. Worst film I have ever seen so far, in my life. However, if you like jokes dripping with satire, stupidity and sick to boot, it was hilarious. But still. Horrible. It was like one long SNL Skit.



I went to see the film "The Hangover" on Saturday. Good movie. I was laughing so hard, I thought they'd kick me out. I do that sometimes. I'm big on comedy, and I love to laugh. Laughter smooths out my edges. Anyhoo, I had a craving for popcorn. I hate popcorn. I haven't made it myself since you could only get it in jars or foil pans for the stove. So, anyhoo, I read the directions. It says microwave on high, 2-3 minutes. So, I set it for two minutes and walked away. Simple, eh?

I walked into the kitchen, alarm blaring in the background.. Hmmm.. I don't think that's steam pouring out the sides of the microwave. I tore the bag open with poultry shears, to find a black, smelly, mass of popcorn.. actively burning. Flames.

How bad of a member of the 21st Century do you have to be, to not be able to cook popcorn.. with a microwave?

I'm a great cook, people love the cakes I make from scratch. I just never mastered the art of guessing how long, is long enough, to cook something in the microwave. Had I set it for the full three minutes, I'd probably have had to turn in a box alarm. I thought about just taking it to the sink, but an ER visit for burns ain't on my list of things to do today.



...and it sucked ass.

I waited four goddamn years to see that movie.. I just watched it compliments of a DVD-Pirate website.. Glad I didn't waste $26 on it.

What a waste of 85min. of my life.. I am sadly disappointed. I don't think it will cast a negative image upon EMS, it's too far out in left field to be taken seriously.

Two Thumbs Down.


• Civilian: Runs away from the snake screaming.

• Paratrooper:Lands on and kills the snake.

• Armor: runs over snake, giggles, and looks for more snakes.

• Infantry: "Look, a putty cat. Come 'ere kitty....Ouch! Hey, that's not a putty tat."

• Army Aviation: Has GPS grid to snake. Can't find snake. Back to base for crew rest and the club and some sort of drink called "The Snake."

• Ranger: Plays with the snake, then eats it.

• 2nd Ranger: Assaults the snake's home and secures it for use by friendly snakes.

• MI: analyzes all available intelligence and national asset input on the reptilian situation; reports sighting of Godzilla to National Command Authority.

• JAG: Advises the snake on the rules of engagement and the law of war as it pertains to the snake and its defensive posture.

• Quartermaster: Captures snake and applies a National Stock Number (NSN) to it. Implements a Found On Installation (FOI) procedure and picks up snake on property book. Has company commander sign hand receipt for "Snake, Green, One Each," as non-expendable unit property.

• Chemical Corps: Starts to gas the little booger, but then realizes that there is an M-18, A-2 Respirator especially made for snakes, remembers the Chemical Corps Motto, "UTRWBAG" (Up Their Rear With Bugs and Gas), and conducts three experiments on it that have been strictly prohibited by the Clinton Treaty of 1999.

• Navy SEAL: Expends all ammunition, several grenades and calls for naval gunfire in a failed attempt to kill the snake. The snake bites the SEAL then retreats to safety.

• Artillery: Kills snake, but in the process kills several hundred civilians with a massive TOT with three FA BDEs in support. Mission is considered a success and all participants (cooks, mechanics, clerks) are awarded Silver Stars.

• Marine Recon: Follows the snake and gets lost.

• Pathfinder: Guides the snake elsewhere.

• AF Fighter Pilot: Mis-identifies the snake as a Russian HIND helicopter and engages it with missiles. Crew chief paints a snake on airplane.

• AF Pararescue: Wounds the snake in first encounter, then feverishly works to save the snake's life.

• Green Beret: Makes contact with the snake, builds rapport, wins its heart and mind, then trains it to kill other snakes.



I don't see why the UN doesn't just send people in to kill off all those in charge in North Korea. Clearly, they want a war, if that isn't obvious - the world community is blind. This will not end with out shots fired, hopefully, those are just from the guns of people assassinating the North's leaders, though.


About the EMT hitting the patient, the cops beating on the suspect.. Jesus, no patient or perp is perfect, we need to be able to deal while remaining composed, or we'll lose the credibility that the ambulance is a safe sanctuary. I know the article about the EMT hitting the guy doesn't say he's diabetic, but I'll use it as an example. I've been kicked in the face, with a shoe equipped foot, by a hypoglycemic teenager, he bit my driver. We would have had no grounds to hit back, the patient wasn't in control of himself and had little ability to gain control. I restrained him in a manner to be able to treat his symptoms and control his airway, but it didn't change my demeanor.

He was diaphoretic, pale, so sweaty wet that I had to take my gloves off to get a grip on him. He was grunting, making that aganol breathing sound, so I put an NPA in ever so gently as I didn't want to hurt him since he was slightly alert. That really woke him up, so I got him looking me, and I put some GT15 on his tongue and told him to swallow. He did.. So, I squeezed the whole thing in his gob and he quickly came around... I picked him up under his arms, driver took his legs and put him on the cot. Driver went to put his o2 mask back on, and it looked like he was gonna fall off the cot, so I said grab him, he's going down. But instead he reached out and grabbed the drivers forearm w/ his teeth. I was shocked, and as I went to strap down his legs, the little SOB kicked me square in the face. So I restrained him w/ the KED so I could flip him around if he started to vomit, but also keep him upright so I could interact with him. Even though he was trying to flail around, he wasn't cursing or yelling, so I tried to reassure him it was going to be okay and we'd help get that under control shortly. Medic gets in, driver has a bloody gauze pad on his arm; and my shirt's covered with blood, and just looks for a bit. As soon as he got some Dextrose into him, you'd never have guessed this 14 y/o could be a violent aggressor. Cops were called, driver needs Hep shots and blood tests, got put on different meds for X period of time. But we didn't press charges, in fact, I insisted the police stay out of it b/c they just have the habit of making a mountain out of a mole hill. What can ya say? Deal with it.

Now if they're drunk.. That's different if there are no contributing medical factors. I always try to press onto patients that we're not there to judge; and what's said in the ambulance is between us and the ER; we're not informants (unless we have to be) and we don't report to the police. It's a neutral zone, as it should be, in the ambulance. If we lose the image that we're there to provide compassionate care, then we're going to see a lot of incidents of EMS being the victims of crime.




In this May 11, 2009 file photo, soldiers from the U.S. Army First Battalion, 26th Infantry take defensive positions at firebase Restrepo after receiving fire from Taliban positions in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan's Kunar Province. Spc. Zachary Boyd of Fort Worth, Texas, far left was wearing 'I love NY' boxer shorts after rushing from his sleeping quarters to join his fellow platoon members. From far right is Spc. Cecil Montgomery of Many, La. and Jordan Custer of Spokan, Wash, center. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says American soldiers have more than their military might and training on their side in the war in Afghanistan. Some have pink underwear.



I couldn't help but notice...

The Battle of Gettysburg took place in 1863. The movie was superb. However, despite keeping it as accurate looking as possible, I doubt they had an air force.


Footloose 2009

Link To Article on Yahoo Dot Com

Ohio Christian school tells student to skip prom


Fri May 8, 12:05 pm ET

FINDLAY, Ohio – A student at a fundamentalist Baptist school that forbids dancing, rock music, hand-holding and kissing will be suspended if he takes his girlfriend to her public high school prom, his principal said.

Despite the warning, 17-year-old Tyler Frost, who has never been to a dance before, said he plans to attend Findlay High School's prom Saturday.

Frost, a senior at Heritage Christian School in northwest Ohio, agreed to the school's rules when he signed a statement of cooperation at the beginning of the year, principal Tim England said.

The teen, who is scheduled to receive his diploma May 24, would be suspended from classes and receive an "incomplete" on remaining assignments, England said. Frost also would not be permitted to attend graduation but would get a diploma once he completes final exams. If Frost is involved with alcohol or sex at the prom, he will be expelled, England said.

Frost's stepfather Stephan Johnson said the school's rules should not apply outside the classroom.

"He deserves to wear that cap and gown," Johnson said.

Frost said he thought he had handled the situation properly. Findlay requires students from other schools attending the prom to get a signature from their principal, which Frost did.

"I expected a short lecture about making the right decisions and not doing something stupid," Frost said. "I thought I would get his signature and that would be the end."

England acknowledged signing the form but warned Frost there would be consequences if he attended the dance. England then took the issue to a school committee made up of church members, who decided to threaten Frost with suspension.

"In life, we constantly make decisions whether we are going to please self or please God. (Frost) chose one path, and the school committee chose the other," England said.

The handbook for the 84-student Christian school says rock music "is part of the counterculture which seeks to implant seeds of rebellion in young people's hearts and minds."

England said Frost's family should not be surprised by the school's position.

"For the parents to claim any injustice regarding this issue is at best forgetful and at worst disingenuous," he said. "It is our hope that the student and his parents will abide by the policies they have already agreed to."

The principal at Findlay High School, whose graduates include Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, said he respects, but does not agree with, Heritage Christian School's view of prom.

"I don't see (dancing and rock music) as immoral acts," Craig Kupferberg said.



My roommate mentioned to me that she saw on TV a "newer" form of CPR. Meaning next we can expect to be doing 50:2 CPR. I'm all for giving every patient a chance. Being a rural provider, with 30:2, we've come close to sheer exhaustion, working someone to the ER. I know constant compressions is the key, but at what point is it okay to give up b/c you just can't do anymore? At that rate, we'd need extra manpower just to do CPR for the 45min. which is usually our time from the scene to ER. I haven't seen the piece, don't know where she saw it, but it had to have been on TV last night.


Stupid Jokes

On the first day of school, the children brought gifts for their teacher.

The florist's son brought the teacher a bouquet of flowers.

The candy-store owner's daughter gave the teacher a pretty box of candy.

Then the liquor-store owner's son brought up a big, heavy box.

The teacher lifted it up and noticed that it was leaking a little bit..

She touched a drop of the liquid with her finger and tasted it.

"Is it wine?" she guessed.

"No," the boy replied. She tasted another drop and asked, "Champagne?.

"No," said the little boy..

"It's a puppy!"

Boy, the way Dr. Safar played. techniques that made the hit parade.

Medics like us, we had it made. Those were the days.

And you know who you were then, firemen drove fire trucks and EMT's drove ambulances.

Mister, we could use a man like James O. Page again.

Didn't need no fire monkeys to lift. Everybody pulled his weight.

Gee, our old Cadillac Superior ran great. Those were the days.

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