EMT Simulator as training?

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I'm Dirk from belgium, I'm currently in the training to be a paramedic. My future dream is to work as an EMT in USA or in UK.

While I was in paramedic school, our teacher told us about "training software". After googling I found this one:

PRESim ParamedicSimulator


It's currently very cheap on sale and now I considered buying it, but I don't know if something like this really helps me at the training or is it just "fun"? It says you can even get new "scenarios" from their website and make your own with an editor (I don't know if its free).


Maybe someone from here already "played" it and can help me to make a decicion.




Dirk V.



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My friend,  when their website is chock full of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors you would be very very safe to stay far far away from this product.  If they cannot even get their website right, think of what their scenarios will be like.  

Here's a list of screw up's on the site


1.  Emergencys 

2.  Heart Infarction

3.  Patients should be Patient's

4.  And my favorite  "Get a diagnose on realistic ways"    

This is just too much to bear.  


Now, I'm not the greatest grammatical expert but this is awful.

The best advices that I can gives you is to stear cleer of thise prduct and look otherwhere.  


But don't atke it from me, I just stayed at a holiday inn express last night. 

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I cannot sugar coat this turd,  You cannot shine this turd and not call it a turd.  An honest review from Just Plain Ruff.  The review may be colored by the week I've had but I'm not sure.  



Run don't walk, run run run away from this piece of shit program.   This program looks AWFUL.  

Who did their QI and testing?  Who did their review and who actually told them that this was a worthwhile educational offering?  Whoever did should have their medic card taken from them and shredded.  A common spell check program would have caught many of the issues that I see but...... maybe the program they were using didn't come with a spell check.  Or maybe they turned it off?  Or maybe they used spell check and decided that they liked misssspellleed wrds btr???  Not sure.  

My 7 year old could tell them that this software is crap. hell even my 5 year old could tell them it's crap.  

Looking at it more.  I opened some of the screenshots and found in one of them

Look for the Measurement section   there is a RR Sys and a RR Diast     is that a new form of respiratory pressure?

Same screenshot   sinusrhytm  (yes that's how it's spelled)

Same Screenshot  Consciousness is Dimmed  (really, maybe the makers are dimmed but consciousness?)

They revert to German in the text box at the bottom and the patient is now head up!   Wheeeeeeeeeeee!


next screenshot  - the one with the crucified c-collared guy

Check airways - can you have more than one?

What the hell is heat auscultation

What is a cardiopulmonal???

For diagnosis - you get to ask the patient - For the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Final screenshot - 

Under Drug administration 

So the maker found a new class of drug - Analgetic

And the maker of every thing holy they even spelled Insulin wrong  - Insuline - did they wake up stupid, holy hell batman

in the EKG the HF is 144

And you can run the Ringers solution either fast slow or OFF   What the HELL

And for volume infused what is 0,11ml?


Again, run, don't walk away from this shitty program.  I don't care who I piss off about this program.  People pay good money for programs like this and expect to learn and possibly recertify with programs like this. And to put crap out like this is just WRONG and to me it's stealing their money.  The maker should be ashamed of themselves for promoting and selling this crap that should have never been coded into computer language at all.  

If these are the BEST screenshots that the developer has to offer, then I'd hate to see what the rest of the software is like.  Jeesh.

Whoever pays 14.99 or even 35 cents for this garbage deserves what they get.  

Edited by Just Plain Ruff

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I cannot believe that this project got Greenlit on Steam.  

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