EMT training for high school students

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haleyh    0

I am a junior in high school, 17 years old, in Dallas, TX and am wondering about courses I can take. I understand to take the exam for EMT-B certification I need to be 18. I just want to find courses I can take while still in high school. Do you know of any? 

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Spock    5

The Pittsburgh School District once had a Public Safety program where students took classes in law enforcement, fire suppression, and EMS while also completing the standard reading, writing and arithmetic classes.  It was successful in supplying the city with good candidates for those professions but was eventually discontinued due to low enrollment.  Wish I could help with classes in Texas but I would encourage you to keep looking.  Any 17 year old that wants to pursue this type of thing is special.  Go for it!  

Live long and prosper.



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