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Not new to the site just decided to make a new account because I haven't discussed this with anyone yet. I'm strongly considering a Change in careers. I'm currently a firefighter paramedic  and worked as a firefighter emt prior to that. I'm young in my mid 20s, but I got hired very young. I used to love my job and couldn't believe I got paid to go to work; however lately it's really caused me a lot of anxiety and depression. From pediatric codes to burnt out partners I've hit a rough patch and I'm not completely convinced that i want to continue this job for 30 more years. I work in a very busy area. I'm considering moving south and attempting to get on a department that does not transport. I'm torn because I do like being a paramedic and I'm affraid I'll miss it. I graduated top of my class in the academy and have a strong resume. Kinda just lost at the moment. I've found myself jealous of friends that work the normal 9-5 and leave work at work. Anyone else gone through a similar thing during their career? Am I crazy to consider selling the house and moving somewhere cheaper and more relaxed? Should I consider leaving EMS in general for a different career path?  

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Brother/Sister, I have done that. It's liberating but was terrifying at the time I did it.  I left EMS for IT consulting and I was scared whitless.  I remained at my EMS job part time but in the end, I mostly retired and have not been happier.  

Have you thought about finding work with a smaller rural service that is less busy yet provides patient care/transport/benefits of a small service?

Sometimes a break is all you need.  6 months to do something different.  Do you have the means just to travel the country?  

Trust me, EMS will not die without you working in it for a year or so!!!  


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