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Good Afternoon, I would love to give any information on areas in the United States that anyone is looking for Fire & EMS Employment.  Right now there seems to be a large demand of Job Hiring.  Please let me know what type of job category you are interested in and we can talk about companies / departments in that area that may fit your job preference and how to apply/build your resume.  

Currently CA/FL/TX/NY seem to have the most EMS & Fire Jobs which makes sense due to their population and demand!

Thanks for the introduction!

EMS Pursuit (Fire & EMS Jobs)


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Good information on  your site.  

I found many of the same jobs on monster and career builder but the advantage I think you have is that you have just ems jobs and devided by state just with one click.  On monster or career builder you have to input an individual state and get a bunch of crap not realted jobs.

Not sure if you are making any money on this site but it's a nice place to go when you are looking at a specific state.  One stop shopping. 

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