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Hey folks, 39 years as an EMT, spent 6 years as a medic at Wishard Ambulance in Indianapolis, 10 as a Primary Instructor.  Still enjoy it and dabble in Education from time to time.

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9 hours ago, Stafford higgs said:

Hi am a 5 year correctional an canine officer and now a immigration an border protection officer. Just finished graduated my studies in ems an really like it so far an wish to make it my final career.

Dude,  hats off to you as the Immigratino and border protection officer.  I had a friend (long time ago) go down to the border, I think he ended up near Natches or (similar sounding name city) Mexico or Texas, he lasted about 9 months and then left.  He told me it was the worst 9 months of his life.  He's now working in the oil industry over in the UAE making 3.5 mil a year.  How things changed for him.  I haven't heard from him in about 5 years.  I hope he's still doing well.  

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