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Kiwiology    195

I don't really think there are any, they are all over-dramatised slop

I don't like Emergency! even tho I watched a few episodes, MJ&S was quite funny independent of any medical theme, I watched the pilots of both Trauma and Chicago Fire and they are awful.

Third Watch was OK, there was not a great deal of complex medical information in that show and again, it was good because the story line was good, independent of any medical theme.

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Bernhard    59

"M*A*S*H", in Germany they aired it without the canned laughter, which was a good decision.

I liked "Emergency!". A similar german show was "Notarztwagen 7" from the 1970ies, I really appreciate the old style settings (they even have an english wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notarztwagen_7, for the opening titles see youtube link at the end). Later german EMS shows from the 2000s were awful, couldn't watch more than one episode each.

"Third watch" was OK in the first one or two seasons, then it turned stupid. Same for "ER".

As a kid, "Firehouse" influenced our playing a lot. :)

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ClutzyEMT    51


I didn't like Chicago very much in the beginning either, and still scream, "THAT NEVER HAPPENS" at it occassionally, but I have to admit my son liked it so we kept watching it and it seemed to 'realistically' get a tad bit better, but now it's got all the side show afternoon soap opera drama going on in it so I'm not so sure again....


Bringing out the Dead tho...I've never sat and watched the whole thing but co-workers thru the years have had it on during shifts and I've seen parts of it...some parts I thought were hilarious and others...well...wasn't impressed. I keep saying one of these days I will sit down and watch the whole thing~~

I have that affliction where I can't sit for long periods of time and watch a television screen tho so most movies are beyond me...can't remember what they called it again but I think the initials started with EMS.... :)

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DFIB    313

Paramedicos is series in spanish that was produced in Mexico to promote the Red Cross.

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