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If you are looking for a retirement gig, then your best bet is an overseas job. specifically, the Middle East.

Most jobs here are tax-free if you are working for a foreign company, or government agency. There are lots of different types. If you are former military, you can get a job doing PSD work in Iraq or A-stan. If you want something a little slower, check any of the other countries over here. I have seen ads for major hotels and theme parks looking for medics.

One problem developing is that many of the countries, Saudi Arabia specifically, are asking for Batchelor's and Master's degrees in "Paramedicine," EMS, etc.

Australia is looking for medics for mining jobs, but with the exchange rate, it may not be worth it. Malaysia, and some other Pacific rim places are also looking for medics.

Recently, there have been many listings for austere locations in Africa.

Just do a Google search for "overseas paramedic jobs." You will be amazed.

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Here is an example I found just this morning. I withheld the contact info. You can pm me if interested.

ILS Paramedic Required Urgently In Abu Dhabi

Yas Water Park are urgently looking to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced ILS for a full time position

Salary is 14,000 AED (R28,000) Monthly negotiable, plus expat benefits

Please send CV's to Sanet Meyer at

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