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  1. A humbling call

    Well here I am..... after nearly 10 years of continuous patient interaction at some level it finally happened. I went to a call for a 60y/o choking (didn't know he was choking), and I couldn't feel a pulse. No carotid No radial No nothing. I looked at him when I entered the room, and was thought "yup.... he's dead" then confirmed it when I couldn't find a pulse. I moved his arm off his chest as to start compressions, and noticed it was rigid. Then the unthinkable happened.... he put his arm back to his chest! I redirected my focus and started bagging his stoma, and my partner snapped on an Sp02 monitor to find a waveform and a readout. couple breaths in he started getting some colour back and somewhere over the next while we pulled out an obstruction. Full recovery No CPR Ain't that some shit. Guess I'm human too?