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  1. Hello My pretties

    I'm in a geographic bind for Hockey. Stuck between the Rangers and Islanders.
  2. Hello My pretties

    As for me, I like the New York Mets, as they're my hometown team (Queens, NY). I also like the New York Yankees (sometimes called the "Bronx Bombers") as I like Tradition. My third "like" is ANY team beating the Dodgers, because my parents came from BROOKLYN!!!
  3. Hello My pretties

    The baseball team?
  4. New Here...Hello!

    Welcome aboard, little Grasshopper! Let the EMT Cityteams help get you established as an EMT first, with a bit of experience before going tactical. Having said that, I was an EMT, EMT-D(efibrillator), and EMT-B(asic) for 41 years, now retired for 5 with my NY State EMT "certs" expired from last summer. I never was asked to go tactical, although I did think of going for USAR Team NYC 1, before medical issues made me reconsider. We may be gruff, easy, and hard on you, all at the same time,Tactical EMT, but we all mean well, even when we seem to be attacking you, politely, of course. Let us help you get your act together, before you do any "oopsies".
  5. Consolidating Topics

    Not sure it would work. If I want to look up on CPR changes, then have to search through all the postings under "Training" to find it, I, for one, might find it annoying.
  6. New and not thrilled

    Some time back, an individual basically came here looking for information on starting a medevac helicopter service. We ended up "shooting him down", as the person knew nothing about city/county/state/province/country requirements for even what should go into an ambulance,let alonethe costs that would be incurred just running a helicopter as an aircraft. Little things, like fuel, insurance, the $3/4 million for the aircraft purchase... The current Hawaii Five 0 TV show has an interesting character, an ex felon shrimp food stand truck operator, who took and passed a helicopter pilot's license test, purchased a used helicopter, and opened a sideline business as a tourist ride with himself as the pilot. Nice fiction, but improbable outside of Note I'm saying improbable, not saying "ain't gonna happen". Someone with a good amount of money invested in hardware, software, the proper personnel, and a couple of tons of luck could start up a business. I have to be a realist. Several companies I used to work for were later purchased by other companies, then the purchasing companies were themselves folded into other companies. A few of them survived, many folded. In today's market, does anybody know if a startup ambulance company could or would survive? All I can suggest, if you still want to open an ambulance company, first research the hell out of what all the costs involved would be, extrapolate what the costs might go in the next year, decade, supply availability, and probably a bunch of stuff I, as an individual retired EMT, have no clue what they are, just that they are there. As indicated, perhaps you'll be a lucky one. On a bit of a side note, a dose of Narcan went for a few dollars only a few years ago. Now, both the original company and manufacturers of generic Narcan are charging almost $100.00 a dose, That's a new expense some companies may not want to spend, as Nasal spray Narcan is still in "Pilot Program" status, here in New York State. Not everyone can get a medical director to sign off on using it. You and your crews going to have it on your ambulances? BLS or ALS levels, or both? Good luck with your endeavor of a new ambulance company, none the less!
  7. Old folks Still here?

    As noted, some of us lurk. as for me, I've been a jerk all the time using Facebook, (knowing that won't get me off of the hook) with the "Dinosaurs of EMS" Hoping that won't cause a mess Most of them live so far from me that they can't afford to come for tea but know I am not in a jam became an EMT 'cause I gave a Damn 42 years a-riding the truck helping those injured by a streak of bad luck saying "hold my beer and watch me do this" and then to the Trauma rooms 'cause they're now in distress or cardiac arrest, if the family knew notify the ER, coming in "Code Blue" Some people think EMS folks don't care, were that the case, we just wouldn't be there Now the next generation must carry the fight, thus because I can't lift now, goddam myarthritis the newjacks know me from my former station watching them work, a degree of elation when what they do brings out my smile as they do what I used to, and do it in style!
  8. Split Patient Care Forum?

    I can learn by reading things from higher scope of practice. I think all here know better than to actually do things from those higher levels above one's own.
  9. Old folks Still here?

    What you say, Sonny?
  10. Old folks Still here?

    Sorry, what?
  11. Old folks Still here?

    You're not a Yellow Submarine, hence you're not a pigment of the imagination, ITKU2ER.
  12. Old folks Still here?

    As both a retiree, and one who has allowed my EMT cert to expire, I, for one, don't have as much to say as I used to.
  13. The Vending Machine Game!

    ...And all for a quarter!
  14. The Vending Machine Game!

    Getting? Puts in coin, and gets a Tablet computer. Spends the next month trying to figure out the device's operations.
  15. I'm ...back!

    Many is the times I have told new members of the City, to clarify why they feel another's statements are wrong, not to use the concept of the individual being some kind of jerk to post whatever statement (s)he disagrees with.