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  1. Version


    This is a comprehensive overview of Opioid abuse and use, and treatment for EMS providers. Covers what everyone should have been taught in Paramedic school (and probably wernt) and more!
  2. We used to have a pretty good show, "Paramedics". Produced hand in Hand with "trauma : Life and death in the ER". Both these shows died when HIPAA came around. Too much hassel to get HIPAA covered institutions and services to allow a film crew in the ER or ambulance where informed consent is already difficult to obtain.
  3. OK, besides this being REALLY funny, its the brain child of...ahem...some nameless providers in the local EMS world. Be forewarned, its completely non-EMS,and it is about Jesus as a rap star so some may not be into that.... nuff said..its really funny.
  4. For once I am agreeeing with a firefighter. (SHOCK) Especially considering the original post sounds like somehting a firefighter would do. As for cutting off the bands if needed for patient care...sure. But you could also ask them to remove them. or chose a different site (ek the A/C.
  5. Hey, I was in the 101st in 1992-95, 326th Combat Engineer and 187th RAKKASANS, then went to MEDDAC to go to paramedic school while working the post EMS.
  6. Raaaaaaaaaa - Meeeeenn!
  7. And it is associated with the COFSM.... For more information look here: WARNING: If you have overly sensitive religious views, or you are a religious fanatic/zealot who doesnt like it when your god given right to force your religion on others is questioned, perhaps you shouldnt look at the second link.
  8. We had another thread on this earlier I think. We had one of the cases here outside of Boise last year. We were lucky the victim posted warning signs all over the car.
  9. So many goof little time...

  10. So many goof little time...

  11. So many goof little time...

  12. Woohoo ! Just make sure he lands properly - don't want any crashing sleds, strewn presents and reindeer carnage ! Take care and be safe tonight !

  13. Perhaps thats the real reason their medical director resigned. He got trying to change the unchangeable.
  14. But Rural Metro wasnt a fire agency there (I dontthink) but an EMS one. Wonder what the motivation was?
  15. Thats not the point. The point is that the medic talked the guy out of a transport when he didn't, and even if thats not the case, it sounds like his documentation was sub par of what ever he did do on scene, and to add sauce for the goose, this was a medic they should have know was sub par because of the testing /evaluation done previously that they ignored. Yes this could have happened in many systems, but in DCFEMS...I just am not even surprised anymore.