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  1. That would help a lot, thank you. I was able to initially unload the gurney so it seems to be a problem with lifting for me hopefully I find a gym out here that suits my needs. Ideally I would like to go to a fire fighter academy type facility, like the great ape- but you have to be invited -.- I have not yet gotten a call with a date to retest. Once finals are done next week all of my energy is going into training. Thankfully the group I tested with (separately of course) were very supportive after seeing me complete the other tasks.
  2. For clarification, a patient whiplashed me against a bed lol. After re reading my post I figured specification was required
  3. I am planning on seeing a Trainer four times a week starting in two days. I am still technically healing from a knee dislocation (10 months ago) due to patient battery. :/ I want to be able to be productive on a rig. Any training to pass this and gain insight on handling equipment at my height is my goal. I was able to unload the weight on the gurney and hold it for 5 seconds no problem. Lifting it up seems more quad related which may be why I struggled. Thank you for your advice
  4. I am allowed to, I'm trying to figure out what work outs, other than just bench pressing, I can do to improve my quality for the PAT and reality. The weight is not bad until I get to my shoulders with the gurney.
  5. Hi everyone, I just want some tips other than continue working out. I am a semi-new EMT and just did my AMR PAT. I got through all of it easily until I had to reload the 165 lb stretcher. To get it in I have to lift above my shoulders or get some extra strength. For reference, I am 5 foot 1" and 108 lbs. I will retest when I am scheduled but would appreciate some tips. Thank you.