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  1. I did not take anything personally, nor got angry or anything of that nature, I am glad I got feedback and suggestion because it will help for future reference and that is why I did post this in this forum. And I like how you wrote your son those books, and are hoping to get them published, that is great! Also, I am fine with the review first done, although it may have seemed harsh (at first reading it was, but then I told myself to see from your perspective and I saw where you were coming from). So thank-you. Lastly, yes, another video will be made (not sure finish date yet, but hopefully soon).
  2. Apologies, but I do not know your expectations, so I don't know exactly what you are looking for. But I am trying to see from your side and I see how you think the separate lines are separating personnel further. As well as the fact that I am not EMT yet, and am counting down until the state age for training in EMT provider. That also I was making the video trying to show my appreciation to Emergency Service Providers. I was not sure what all I could use due to copyright standards and so forth, yet instead just put together [Like on some other videos] and added music I thought corresponded with the personnel. Not trying to get defensive or anything, it's just the way you'll choose to read this message--- same for as I did yours.
  3. That's actually very neat, wow, 700, must be very busy for you then! You must feel very happy that you get to work with a machine to prevent disaster. Amazing, and very lucky. Hahaha have looked at Salary and they are pretty lousy... True, though. I am more into just helping people though, and not really about money... I think it's that way with most EMT's, maybe even you? Yeah, a their programs have us taken for a while... Never actually really thought about life being shortened as a service result... I reckon that is accurate, but I am curious about maybe we can help ourselves like we help others? Or does it not work quite that way...?
  4. Ah, okay. That is true about the PTSD part, I already have that, but it's much better... I'd sure hope to, I think it'd be a nice thing to do. How do you like it so far?
  5. Recently when just watching more training videos, I've seen a whole bunch on EMS assaults and violent encounters, that is just horrible... It is one of the few things that victims will be willing to talk about.
  6. I have heard about the mentioned topics before as well, I see where you're coming from. I, myself am on Antidepressants, and Antipsychotics, but I fear with my Mental Health diagnosis and history, I might not be "suitable" for EMS personnel position.... Advice? Thank you, you as well.
  7. What did the EMT's travel in pairs? They wanted to become a Pair-A-Medics! -AEMT off Google