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  1. I just logged in for the first time in probably 3 years... funny this thread is at the top of my recommendations. To be honest... I don't even lurk anymore. Life just gets in the way.
  2. Hello from a fellow Albertan! I can't help you with NAIT specifically, but overall I can tell you that the passion you have already shown in your first post should go a long way at any interview. If you tell them why you want to be in an EMT program (and you are not a total bumbling idiot), if they refuse to accept you then they suck, and you need to find a new school! There are some really good schools with some great learning opportunities here in Ab. Prior to picking your school, I strongly suggest you decide if you'd like your career to be urban, or rural/remote based. Perhaps then I can point you at some fitting schools. I appreciate your spelling and grammar in your post. It comes off very professional. Take care
  3. A secure area for PTSD and peer counselling would be nice. Have a 20 post minimum or proof of real name to be approved. There is a separate forum on the net, but an integrated one would be cool.
  4. This has signature written all over it! I think if I ever start an Ab EMS Association, this will be our motto!
  5. You're from CO? This is your first warning.... J/K Welcome Chris
  6. Too bad
  7. I won't bite this hook because I suspect you are very young. Let me just say as a generic statement "I passed it in school" is not a good defence, either in court, practicum, or consulting experts in the subject matter. The proof is in the pudding my friend, and I guarantee your school has not prepared you to write legal documentation regarding patient care.
  8. Of course you really aren't forming english sentences yet either Little humor there for ya. On a serious note, have you considered an online english writing course? Going into EMS with terrible writing skills is going to open you up to legal problems with your patient care documentation. This will really plague you for your entire career.
  9. Welcome William! Let me be the first to say: Your grammar sucks! Studying to become an EMT means more that a Bledsoe textbook. You are entering healthcare now, and it is your duty to progress your profession. A great start is to present yourself as a professional. Eg: Neatly kept uniform, shiny boots, hide tattoos, no public obsene language, etc. When you are online you will want to choose non controversial screenames, and use proper spelling and punctuation. Judging by your first post you have a long way to go. Luckily for you, there are many of us here that will remind you relentlessly since it is our profession too, and the way you present yourself is the way you represent our profession. Happy studying!
  10. I don't know what your looking for here. None of us can answer these questions without knowing the future. I suggest taking an online refresher, instead of "expressing your concerns" to an employer (AKA, telling them you're incompetent).
  11. Since there are one-way valves in our vasculature, and it is a closed system, if blood cannot get into the limb - blood cannot get out of the limb.
  12. ok. maybe I had a role in someone else having a baby..... It was a while ago now, the details are foggy.
  13. I had a baby in my 1st semester of my 2nd year of Paramedic school. It is a challenge, but doable
  14. Isn't there a limit to these Michiganites? j/k of course
  15. Naa, I am talking about standing out in front looking at a light, not that close of proximity that a small blurp from the siren will do auditory damage. I am goofing, not abusing.