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  1. Welcome to the City from Eastern NC
  2. So what are your findings of the EMS system's response to your college campus? Forsyth County EMS is one of the more highly regarded one's in NC. You sure there is no reinvention of the wheel? With the system and local hospital, its a good place to get hurt. Besides, how often are there injuries necessitating EMS services? Not trying to bust your bubble, as you seem to be intelligent, trying to write proper proposals with financial constraints and statistical analysis included, but, I get the impression that you are looking for an outlet to play EMT, so those skillz won't depreciate and become stale. With such an obvious intelligence about yourself, as well as your interest in EMS, are you sure set lighting is your calling?
  3. Welcome to the City ! Although age may disqualify you from working for a fire department, I say piss on them. I think your age/life experience would be a great asset to you being a paramedic, along with your customer service experience (as a lot of what we do is public interaction). Market yourself well stick around the City, you can learn a lot, and we will do our best to steer you in the right direction. Matt
  4. I thought it was pretty funny !
  5. I don't find it too funny, but maybe it was one of those things where you had to be there to appreciate the humor. I would feel worse for the parents reactions towards the situation than I would the kid's reaction. The parents can understand 'I'm sorry, but we lost your son' as meaning the kid has died. On the other hand, I don't really think the kid would understand it the same way. I think the kid would understand 'lost' literally, meaning they could not find him, which makes more sense. Plus, what kid really knows how to fake being unresponsive. If the kid is fighting because he is afraid, how does he rationally think 'Oh, let me play dead' to get out of this shot? I find it hard to believe the kid used rational thinking during a fight/flight response...
  6. Probably wouldn't be any different with a set of boobies, nobody looks at your face as it is...
  7. Dwayne admits to hormone therapy after all, I KNEW he was going for that sex change operation !
  8. This reminds me of something that happened to me the other day. I had to go before my local water utility board to see about getting a $450 water bill reduced (freezing pipes). Anyways, I walked in and took a seat. About a minute later one of the board members walks in with his all his firefighting memorabilia on (cap, jacket, shirt, pants, boots) and took his seat behind the desk. I could help but chuckle thinking about how many times Dust said that the Fire Department and Water Utilities need to be combined....
  9. Maybe this nurse's license exam was in a non-English language.
  10. I did not say that, you did. It was funny at first (it is all about my perspective), but towards the middle and the end, I started thinking a bit more seriously.
  11. Yea.... The whole firefighter wearing gear inside of a nursing home asking medical questions looked about as stupid as they portrayed the nurse. I know it is supposed to be a funny, but I just got the idea that the posted video and those similar to it found on youtube are to just make firefighters feel good about themselves. Oh well. Matty
  12. I'd have to say the best part of Raleigh is the large selection of restaurants that serve awesome food ! Also, taking I40 to Raleigh just past Exit 301, going around that corner, I know I am back home. Miss that place. Enjoy JoCo ! I hear they have a decent program at JCC. Good Luck !
  13. Any scientific evidence the Americans are to blame? Specifically, which Americans are we talking about? I've seen some mean lookin' South American Drug Lords...