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  1. Great to have you here! Some of the best paramedics I have met are South African. I have a lot of respect for the particularly challenging job that you do over there.
  2. oz_paramedic_chick, I love the sunset one. Nice to see QAS represented! Where was that picture taken?
  3. Thanks guys. It's always interesting to hear different ways of doing things.
  4. Hey Dwayne... just curious since you and Mike both mentioned it, do you never wear gloves in the cab? Dirty gloves is obviously a no no, but what about on the way to the call? (with gloves that are hopefully new and clean) Or do you guys wait until you get there? Probably seems like a bit of a stupid question, but it seems like how we do it is one of those (many) things in EMS that is very strong in the various organizational cultures.
  5. I feel a bit naive now to not have realized that there were so many big names there. Dr. Hamilton's name is one that stuck with me partly because it was on his scrub top but mainly because of how he gave an incredible description of how we were all taught wrong about the pathophysiology of the hypotension in cardiac tamponade and tension pneumo. It would be amazing if he could take a break from being awesome and write up those (and I'm sure many other) examples of physiology that most EMS providers think they know but are wrong about for a publication that front-line providers read. I think that Rob would have enjoyed the station with Dr. Hamilton, but he surely would have appreciated the residents as well. I imagine he would have suddenly forgotten how to intubate and would have needed to spend some extra time at the airway station with Dr. Keville Who was the older doc helping out with the airway station on the second day? He had grey hair, a tie, and seemed like a big deal. (Have I just described all of the senior faculty at the School of Medicine?) He was quite a patient teacher as he helped me to try my hand at intubating the airway mannequins.
  6. It looks like everyone else has already given the positive review of CAP Lab. It was a great learning experience as it is every year and it was wonderful to meet Eydawn, Fireman1037, and DwayneEMTP. I know that it has been said many times before by myself and others, but it really is one of the most amazing learning opportunities for EMS providers. There is nowhere else else that you can get taught by doctors with a real interest in EMS education, attend a lecture that is always stimulating, get to try procedures on cadavers or simulators, plus get breakfast and lunch all for $40. The other big thing is that it is just so well organized. There are so many participants, yet somehow they manage to get us all where we need to be when we need to be there. It is quite a feat that they all deserve credit for. Eydawn, Fireman1037, and DwayneEMTP, it was great meeting you all and getting to hang out a bit. Hopefully we will meet up again in the future, maybe at a future CAP Lab. 'zilla, thank you for this opportunity. I keep coming back and I keep learning something new each time. Please pass along my thanks to all of the volunteers who made it happen as well. From the registration people, to the ones who ensured we didn't get lost, to the residents and attendings who did the teaching, they were all friendly, helpful, knowledgable, and energetic. Thank you!
  7. Welcome to the forum! Do you have a link or any more information about your program? I went to the website but I only saw a paramedic refresher and ended up going in circles through their site.
  8. Congratulations to the winners! Is anyone other than them coming to the CAP lab this year?
  9. Ha! The current exchange rates actually have the AUD worth more than the USD.
  10. Thanks for the Canadian version!
  11. Incredible! I'd love to see a version with PCP in place of EMT and ACP in place of Paramedic so I can share it with Canadian paramedic friends who don't frequent US-based EMS forums.
  12. Sorry... should have been more clear! My question was directed at the first part of the quote about the new provincial directives. I didn't mean to get you going on how things with the ACoP have gone!
  13. What changes are you expecting to see with that?
  14. Unfortunately, the MAC seems to think that with two years of education PCPs are only capable of giving about eight drugs...