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  1. EMS Solutions added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    Direct To Paramedic School
    Hey I know Walking Dead is on tonight and all, but just before then I invite you to come check out the live podcast. Tonight's topic?

    Exploring Direct To Medic

    This week we are joined by Vincent A. Papasodero. He is the Program Manager from the Emergency Medical Institute, North Shore-LIJ Health System. They have started a unique program that is called Direct to Medic. Students with no prior EMS training or experience will enter the DTM Program through a traditional Emergency Medical Technician Course. It is a 20-month program, which will afford candidates the opportunity to become credentialed as a New York State Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic.

    Join us as we talk about this unique program, its goals and answer any misconceptions about it.

    You can listen, call in toll free or chat live with us. Tonight Sunday, 11/24 at 7 PM EST


    Hope to see you there.

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  2. EMS Solutions added a post in a topic ED Wait Times   

    Thanks for the feedback

    If anyone is interested you can come listen to the podcast tonight at 7PM EST - http://t.co/Hjk0DiED

    You can also call in toll free or chat live with us.
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  3. EMS Solutions added a topic in Patient Care   

    ED Wait Times
    What is the longest you have waited for a bed at the ED? Going to discuss this on the podcast this week and wondering what some of the longest and shortest times are.
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  4. EMS Solutions added a post in a topic Turbo Medic   

    You can view the using TM videos on the main site


    This can give you an idea of the type of content inside the CD and you can also
    become a free member and check out the formatting that way as well.

    Just keep in mind that not everything on the site is in the modules. The descriptions
    on the module sales page is what is on the CD’s.

    The site and member area includes much more. But I think the videos via the link
    above will give you a little peek inside.

    Hope this helps
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  5. EMS Solutions added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    EMS Grant Application Webcast
    July 19th at 1:00 PM EST there is a free live webinar on successfully applying for an EMS Grant. With operational and equipment funding so hard to come and spread so thin, grants are a way to get much needed funds. They can be hard to get and a difficult task to complete.

    This webinar will help you when writing your next EMS Grant. Get the details here.
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  6. EMS Solutions added a post in a topic Holding Us Back: A Great Example   

    This FB page seems to cater to the wackers who have that sacrastic look on all we do, all calls are BS and other healthcare workers we encounter are all dummies.

    The RIP pics and ribbons etc are abound throughout FB and FB seems to be THE place to try and get this perceived sympathy for any death, LODD or otherwise. Then people just easily "like" the post or picture and feel good that they are a part of it all.

    The sad part is that page has a very high Fan base who all seem to enjoy the comments, pictures etc. Plus they "the page admins" have now started to try and franchise the name with "The Most Interesting Ambulance Crew In The World ________ <-- insert location" AND you now have the same theme cropping up for FIre as well.

    I try and take these pages for what they are worth and keep trying to promote the realities and desires of true EMS professionals using pages like this to play off of what is ailing EMS as a profession and like the OP said, Holding Us Back.

    Too bad there are not more fans of pages like mine, EMS 12 lead and others that try and give some humor but focus more on education and awareness of the profession.
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  7. EMS Solutions added a topic in Training - Everything Else   

    EMS Web Summit
    Come join this live all day online event. Featuring 13 leading EMS speakers that will give real actionable content to attendees. Nice quick 30 minute sessions. Attend one, a few or all 14 sessions.

    Free to attend live and you can get all the details, see the speakers, topics and register over at

    EMS Web Summit.

    May 17th, 2012
    10:00 am - 7:00PM Eastern
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  8. EMS Solutions added a post in a topic Question on NR scoring system.   

    Take a listen to an interview with the NREMT Assoc Director on the CBT exam. I think it may help clarify some of the misconceptions on how the exam is scored.

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  9. EMS Solutions added a post in a topic Robert (Rob) Davis   

    RIP Dust.
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  10. EMS Solutions added a post in a topic I passed the NREMT...and here's how I did it   

    Great tips MP.
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  11. EMS Solutions added a post in a topic What changed you?   

    As an EMT in a large EMS system I found myself becoming burnt and indifferent to the patients I was responding to and treating; all too often being annoyed at the calls that obviously just didn’t require an ambulance and more often didn’t even require a doctor.

    While attending paramedic training in the hopes of doing more serious calls that would be true emergencies and require an ambulance, I had yet another call that seemed to be a waste of my time and energy.

    I responded to a general illness call and upon arrival found a bed bound young woman in her early thirties who had a history of brain lesions. Her primary issue that day was abdominal discomfort. While assessing the patient and getting a history, the family advised us that she rarely spoke or made any type of acknowledgment to her surroundings.

    How they were able to tell she was having any complaints is beyond me. I did not note any distress but they were the family and I figured they knew better than I.

    As this emergency became a “two flight of stairs carry down” and a transport to hospital, that the family could have done or perhaps utilized any number of other means to get her to her doctor or emergency department, I slowly began to get more and more annoyed with the non-emergent call my emergency ambulance was dispatched to.

    Being a professional though, I refused to let my inner thoughts seep through to the family. I did my job with a smile, asked appropriate questions and gave informative answers. Once complete, it was just me and the patient in the ambulance with my partner driving to the hospital.

    Alone with the patient, I took better stock in the situation. Noting her obvious struggle with her disease; I thought how she may have felt living in this helpless condition. Did she feel like a burden on her family, friends and even me?

    Without consciously knowing, I put my hand on her shoulder and said "I know it must be hard". Without missing a beat she looked at me and said "It really is - it really is", in a voice that was part sob and part plea. These few words, spoken by a patient that rarely spoke or acknowledged her surroundings to an EMT who was beginning to doubt his role and career choice, resonated in my mind, silenced my doubt, and renewed my faith in the role of an EMT. This heart wrenching call stays with me on every call I go to. That brief moment of connection is what I think of regardless of what level of emergency care is required. I became a better EMT and even more, I like to say I am a better human being – just for touching her shoulder and trying, with a few words, to provide a little comfort.

    This one call stands out for me above so many others, big trauma, severe pediatrics and even 9/11. It always reminds me that it is the patients’ emergency we respond to and not ours. Whether they call 911 for chest pain or a cut lip; to them or their family it is an emergency and they called for help - even if that help is a band-aid, a ride to the hospital or a few words of comfort.

    I like to think that perhaps acknowledging this patient’s situation let her know that she was not a burden on me. I wish I could tell her that in those few moments the small gesture I made ended up being so much bigger to me; and how it has helped to make me into a true EMS professional. It was like a reset button I needed then, but one that has never had to be pressed again.
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  12. EMS Solutions added a post in a topic Are You Licensed or Certified?   

    Thanks guys for the great input. Yet it still seems like EMS can't come to an agreement on which should be which and why or why not. I am actually doing a live EMS podcast tomorrow night on the NJ Redesign Bill which is proposing amoung other things having EMT's and paramedics in NJ licensed. I would like to invite you to join me during the show. You can listen or chat live, or even call in with your opinions if you like, toll free. It's on Wed 6/29 at 7PM EST.

    I am posting the link for the show below. Hope to see some of the EMTCity clan there.

    NJ Redesign Bill
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  13. EMS Solutions added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    Are You Licensed or Certified?
    Does your state give a paramedic/emt licensure or a certification? I know many states will use both interchangeably but in the end their paramedics are only certified. So I am wondering what states out there consider and provide a licensure to their paramedics.
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  14. EMS Solutions added a post in a topic Safety Discussion   

    Here is a recent podcast on "When Patients Attack"

    EMS Office Hours
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  15. EMS Solutions added a post in a topic ETA on the ER Physician?!?   

    I've also seen options to have ED and Trauma center wait times texted to people as well as appointments for ED visits during off peak hours.
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