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  1. Back to school, at Ruffmeister University.....
  2. If I had tried to do something like "I'll call 9-1-1 if you try to discipline me!', I would have been told that while on the phone with the cops, go ahead and ask them to send an ambulance at the same time...because I would need it by the time they got there to stop him......
  3. Nudidity Good!
  4. Too bad it didn't happen on 12/31 at 2355...then they could have said they called you last year!
  5. Little Johnny and Suzie were always in competition to see who had the best toys. They would meet on the street corner and compare. Johnny came out with a new Louisville Slugger baseball bat, and Suzie brought out a brand new Easton aluminum bat. Suzie came out with a 10 speed bicycle and Johnny had an 18 speed mountain bike. Johnny came out the next morning with a Red Rider wagon, but Suzie had one that practically pushed itself.....you get the idea here. One day, Johnny is standing on the corner with nothing that Suzie could see. He looked at Suzie and said "I've got something you'll NEVER have!" When Suzie asked what that might be, Johnnie dropped his britches, pointed to his crotch and said "I've got one of these!" Poor little Suzie went home in tears. The next day, Johnny is standing on the corner when Suzie arrives. He tells Suzie "I've still got something you'll NEVER have!". Suzie again inquires to that this might be. Johnny again drops his britches, points to his crotch and says "I've got one of these.". Little suzie pulls up the front of her skirt, points to her crotch and says "My mom told me that with one of these I can have all of those I want!" Never try to out-think a girl!
  6. What's the big deal about sorting your laundry by colors? Segregation has been deemed unconstitutional.... I think we should just put all the clothes in the washer and let them learn from their cultural differences!!!
  7. Leave it to Fred to totally screw up following directions....it should have been a left at Pismo Beach and a right at Cucamonga.... Figures....I gotta explain EVERYTHING to you, over and over again..... How's the wife and 'linoleum lizard' doin?
  8. Don't forget to sample the local cuisine! When I went to New Orleans for Rita/Katrina, our crew was pretty much restricted to the 'campsite' (while management lived in hotels), so I wasn't able to get a good 'taste of the region'.....STILL want to try crawfish etouffee!!
  9. Welcome back dear Readers! I know it's been far too long since we've spent any quality time together, so I'm going to try to rectify that now... For those that don't know, I was in the hospital for about a month with diverticulitis/diverticulosis. I presented to the local E/D unable to walk into the triage area because of severe abdominal pain. I thought that I had suffered a abdominal herniation due to having to help move a rather 'portly woman' who was brought into the same E/D in cardiac arrest. While in the hospital, I was taken off solid foods, and when the clear liquid diet didn't produce the desired results, I was taken off all foods by mouth and recieved nutrition from a PICC line in the right upper arm...... Well, because of the month long stay at Hotel Hospital, I ended up falling too far behind in class, and was forced to withdraw from the paramedicine program once again; this time in my last semester.......(nsert heavy, sad sigh here). Well, after all that, one would think that I'd earned a break through all this and MAYBE something would go my way for a little while.......wrong! As it turns out, I'm back in the hospital for apparently the same thing. Looks like a relapse or maybe just a 'flare up' of the original condition that never really went away. Either way, docs are tossing around terms like 'surgery', 'ostomy' and 'resection' far more than I feel comfortable with....considering it IS MY colon they're talking about hacking into.......!!! I'm at my wits end, and have actually thought about giving up on ever getting my Paramedic license. Ive worked my ass off TWICE now, only to have it snatched out of my hands (first the motorcycle wreck, now this)..... l honestly don't know if I've got what it takes to go back 'one more time'.....after all, I'm closing in on 50 years old far too fast for my liking, and would REALLY hate to finally accomplish the degree in Paramedicine, only to find out that I can't use it ....... Right now, I'm searching for a reason to 'hang in there' on getting my degree; but I'm coming up empty....... I just saved hundreds of dollars on car insurance, simply by selling that POS car!
  10. Looks like I'm going to have to drop Paramedic course again. Just spent 3 weeks in the hospital....too far behind to catch up

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Was in for diverticulitis which abscessed into the sigmoid colon.....

    3. HERBIE1


      So sorry to hear that, LS. Hope you are feeling better. It would suck to have to start all over again. How far were you into the program? Maybe your instructor can cut you some slack?

    4. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      I was in my last semester....problem is, he was also the one that put me at stations that had very low call volume. Not able to meet the States 'quotas' if there aren't any calls.....

  11. Just passed PHTLS yesterday! Next on the agenda is PALS and GEMS......

    1. MedicAsh


      Wooohooo!!!! Good job buddy!!!! How much longer do you have in school?

  12. Just passed PHTLS yesterday! Next on the agenda is PALS and GEMS......

  13. Just passed PHTLS yesterday! Next on the agenda is PALS and GEMS......

  14. Congratulations to the winners! With all the B/S around my neck of the woods, I knew that between school and all of the things I had to 'handle', I wouldn't be able to attend. That's why I didn't participate. On a side note, I just smoked my A&P II finals (88% on the lecture and 105% on the lab exam) I've also made it through ACLS, cardiology and a few other chapters in this module. I've worked my tail-feathers off, and just found out today that in addition to having to move (damn bank foreclosed and wouldn't work with me to keep the house), I just found out that my financial aid has been suspended because they think that I've taken too long to complete my program of study (something to do with 150% of attempted credits, or some cow puckey like that).... Anyway, enough of my ramblings.....congrats again to the winners!!!